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Apr 8, 2022
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Hebron, KY
Hey everyone!

Today we launched our new website! You can view it HERE

We have the same great kits as before, plus a few new ones! We hope to have the full Aerotech kit line live soon. Let us know which line you'd like to see next!

I'm excited to announce a new Rocket Rewards program! You will receive 5 points for every dollar spent, and 100 points= $1, meaning you can get 5% back on your purchases! We also offer a 5 dollar birthday voucher or the option for a one time hazmat shipping fee waive for the purchase of high power motors!

Next, we now have the ability to sell composite Motors, as well as Motors above class "D". The full Estes Motor line is live on the site, and we're expecting to be ready to go live with Aerotech Composites within the week! Once again, let us know if there are any particular motors your looking for.

Finally, we have began production on our own products! The first part is a 29/41.6mm (Estes BT-60) motor mount. It can support BP engines as well as composite engines. I'm looking for 3-5 people to fly with this set-up.

I hope you all have a fantastic week. Happy flying!
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