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Jan 17, 2009
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35 years ago, at my Uncle's cabin in Maine, my Mom fell walking back from the outhouse, and injured herself. (She just turned 67)

What was thought to be a torn ligament was actually a broken knee. Problem was, it was misdiagnosed. And because of it, more damage was done (This was settled out of court a long time ago.) At the time, knee replacements were brand new. They didn't want to do one at the time because of her age, and then in a year, they said there was too much damage. So, she walked with a cane for a long time.

The damage got worse. And it caused alot of problems with her hips. Severe arthritis. So bad that 10 years ago, she was confined to a wheelchair. and her weight ballooned.

Well, alot of you know she was in the hospital from the end of August until Halloween. Well, she lost over 100 pounds in there, because she kept getting infections. She got home on Halloween.

Well, now that she's lost the weight, and medical technology having advance, her doctor said today that 'It's time for knee and hip replacement surgery". He's 95% sure that they will be doing them for her.

So, in a few months, my Mom may be able to walk unaided for the first time in 35 years.

I am so spazzing out right now, its wild.

Bob whatever your doing keep it up!! May the luck and thanks keep on giving!!