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Jan 18, 2009
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My new scanner is getting a real workout, recently! :)

I was going through my slide collection when I discovered pictures from my July 1979 trip to Washington, D.C.

Among them was a picture of the model rocket display in the museum at that tme.

I know it has changed over the years. Will the new Dulles museum have a model rocket display or will the NASM be changing it's display anytime soon?
I remember that display, though not having contact with the rest of the rocketry world at that time (no TRF in 79! :p ) the historic nature of those birds was lost on me. If memory serves, it was sort of stuck off in a corner - one basically stumbled across it.

(On that same trip we stopped at a shopping mall, and I picked up a WAC Corporal kit.)

I can't recall seeing that display in the mid-90s when we went there for the big Star Wars exhibition, but I didn't seek it out either (pre-BAR era).

Don't know what Dulles will offer.