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Discussion in 'Rocketry Electronics and Software' started by jbgust, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Few words to introduce my launch system. The aim was to have an autonomous rocket that can start and check all of their sytems (communication, ignition system, gps tracking and ejection charge). If anything goes wrong the rocket abort the launch process. I can also cancel the flight manually. If everything is OK, the rocket starts the countdown and ignite itself its motor at the end. During the flight the rocket send it's GPS location. Everything are wireless controled up to 1km.

    There are 3 parts :

    The remote control unit

    DSC_7125.JPG DSC_6920.JPG

    This is the box where all information are displayed. I can cancel the launch with it, or force the rocket to start if a non critical system fail (ex: geo tracking)
    The countdown is displayed on BCD 7 segment on top of the box.

    Rocket startup
    ECOM = electronic communications, ALLUMAGE = ignition system, REGO = GPS tracking
    On the image above, the GPS tracking system failed to acquire location.So the rocket ask me if I want to bypass this system (and continue the launch process) or cancel the flight. In this case I bypass it.

    Flight telemetry

    The onboard computer


    The brain of the rocket. the white square is the GPS.

    The ignition system

    DSC_7091.JPG DSC_7087.JPG

    It works with 3 cell LIPO.

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