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Jan 19, 2004
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Does anyone remember the Centuri (I think) Russian SAM III two-stage kit from the early-mid eightys ??? I built one and and it was just too cool !!! Even though I only had one launch ... the upper stage must had made the stratosphere ... lol !

I would even love to just get ahold of a parts list and instructions so I could attempt to clone the kit.
I believe...not is based on a BT-60 body tube.

That would not be hard to "clone".

Or upscale it using almost all the parts...and a few more...from an Estes Pheonix kit.

Or better yet if you can find an old Estes Sizzler with the rear ejection I think the nose cone is closer.


That website you found is cool...... If you go back to the main menu he has most, if not all of the old catalogs........ I found rockets that I have never seen before (I am one of the few here at TRF that is not a BAR)....... Boy, Estes and Centuri made a lot of cool looking rockets back then!!!!!!!
Yeah ... that website is cool !!!! I gotta quit looking at all this old stuff .... I may just be getting back into the rocketry thing to hard and fast ... lol. What started out as a school project for my kids is rapidly turning me into a maniac !!! I'm seeing a lot of the old kits I made as a kid and find myself wanting to have a "do over" on all of 'em !

What's worse is there is even a lot of new stuff that is sparking my interest .... oh well ... it's only time and money right ... LMAO

BTW ... What is a BAR ? (newbie question):rolleyes:
Originally posted by Aerobee300
What started out as a school project for my kids is rapidly turning me into a maniac !!!

BTW ... What is a BAR ? (newbie question):rolleyes:

Another maniac!!!! That's my name!!!! LOL :D :D

BAR is Born Again Rocketeer...... Someone who played with rockets as a kid....... left the sport and then came to it later........