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Jan 25, 2004
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Hey... I just got RocSim 7 and I am trying to figure out how to run the Cluster Wizard. It isnt highlighted so I cant click on it, and I cant figure ut how to run it. Also, how do you make the finishes (paint it ect.) Thanks

I think in Rsim 5 you have to have the rocket already built, and then you can click on it... Maybe just the motor tube/CR assembly. You may need the BT too.

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Create a rocket (or at least add a body tube). Add an inside tube and mark it as an engine mount (don't add any centering rings yet). With the engine mount selected, the cluster wizard is available. It will replicate the engine mount you give (material, length, position, color) according to the cluster you pick. Now, when you add the CRs they'll each get the right cutouts in them.
DJ Delorie is correct on the cluster wizard. As for painting, each item you add has 3 or 4 tabs. The last tab is Drawing. The 2D color is for the sideways wire frame view you see at the bottom of the window when you are designing. The 3D rendering area is where you can add colors for the 3D view of your rocket. You can use the Opacity slider to make items transparent, like payload bays. You can even make the whole rocket slightly transparent so you can see both the inside and outside of your design at the same time.

With version 7.04 or higher, you can now add "decals" to your rocket. On the drawing window, look for a line near the bottom that says "texture". If you do not see it, you need to change one of RockSims' files. To do this, check out the Apogee Newsletter:

Enjoy your RockSim!
Anyone have any issues?
There are a couple of things that I have noticed.

1. Sometimes when simulating a flight, instead of:
Cleared launch guide...

I get:
Cleared launch guide...

2. When viewing in 3d, the centering rings around a motor cluster only show one centered hole, instead of 2 or 3 or 4, with the motor tubes extending through solid parts.

These are not serious in anyway, just small details.

Something else I would like to see is the ability to print out templates of specific parts when needed instead of having to print out all of them each time. If you screw up one fin template and just need that one, it's a waste of paper and (more importantly) ink to have to print them all out.

And at the prices ink goes for, I'm glad my Jeep doesn't run on it! :eek:

Just some things,
I've sent lots of bugs and requests to Apogee about RS7, and they've replied that they're working on the next version and have already fixed some of them :)

As for the printouts, the files are text. Print to a file, edit the file, and cut out the pages you don't want. It's not trivial to do, but it can be done.