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Jan 20, 2009
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I was driving home on Friday and all of a sudden, I see a huge chunk of pink insulating foam in the road in front of me. Was my first instinct to swerve around it? Nooooo. It was to pull off to the side of the freeway, run out, and pick it up for body/nose cone material! I gotta recalibrate my thinker!

Yesterday I was out at the launch site, and the only motors they had for my size had too short a delay. But I said, well, it may eject a little early, and I know I shouldn't do this, but oh well.
Well, let's just say I'm not making that mistake again! Shredded my chute's kevlar shrouds, it came down on a half-inflated chute, and destroyed my fin can.
Then I put an overpowered motor into my A.C.M.E. Spitfire, and the shock cord was a little singed. Next thing ya know, the shock cord is broken, the chute is gently carrying the nose cone, and the rocket body is attempting to core-sample the hardpan of the desert.
Why, Oh, Why do I do these things???
I believe what you suffer from, is a disease commonly known as "Go Fever". Some symptoms other than those you described can be launching in a stiff wind, knowing your rocket will drift very far, and possibly drift away. Launching with a loose fin, that might hang on for one more flight. Launching off too small a launch platform because that's all you've got. And the list goes on and on. I suffer from this sometimes also. Luckily, it hasn't progressed to the chronic fever yet. The only cure I know of, is good weather, and a good supply of motors. :)
A good supply of repair parts and epoxy helps too! The FrankenPhoenix is gonna need it!

Know what ya mean, when it gets to the point that ordering 1 kit just isn't enough and you're ordering 4 kits at a time, or when you go to bed dreaming about what kits you're gonna build next, or when you're at work and the boss asks you if you wouldn't mind staying over another hour and your reply is "are you kiddin' I got 8 rocket kits laying around at home and they aint gonna build themselves!", when you keep telling people that you can stop building any time you want to and they just snicker and mumble *yeah right*, then.....THEN it's time to stop and ask youself "self.....HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?", to which your reply would have to be "no.....just deadened it from inhaling all those CA glue fumes!":D

You know... after reading this thread, I'm glad to know that I'm perfectly NORMAL...!!!
I am also glad I'm not alone. I suffered from this well before rockets though. One day I was going to my trash can at my apartments. I threw my trash in and did a double-take. A complete oak hardwood chest was in there. Also a good 35 gallon trash can. I went dumpster diving. I got both pieces and was very happy. I also live close to a university so when May rolls around all the students throw away a ton of stuff - mostly rubbermaid containers and shelving. So that finals week I go dumpster diving all day for 5 days. Then I have a garage sale that weekend. Last time I got over $1000 from the stuff I picked up. :)