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Oct 21, 2014
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I'm just curious to what rocketry books you guys read a refer to. Here's my personal library:

1. The Handbook of Model Rocketry, 6th ed. by G. Harry Stine
2. Engineer to Win by Carroll Smith
3. Moldless Composite Homebuilt Sandwich Aircraft Construction by Burt Rutan
4. Model Rocket Design & Construction by Tim Van Milligan
5. About 5 years worth of HPR and Sport Rocketry magazines
6. Various NASA papers
7. My Tripoli handbook

I also have Dave Triano's series of videos on composite fabrication. They aren't books but they are highly informative.
My own collection:

Stine, Handbook of Model Rocketry, 6th ed.
Alway, Rockets of the World, 3rd ed.
Alway, The Art of Scale Model Rocketry
Hagerty and Rogers, The Spaceship Handbook
Homer Hickam, October Sky (o.k., it's fiction but it's a good read!)
Francis Graham, Monocopters (put out by Apogee)
6 years+ of Sport Rocketry

I'm going to check out that Burt Rutan book you mentioned - after watching "From The Ground Up" on Discovery Wings, the whole kitbuilding thing has gotten me seriously interested in homebuilt aircraft.
And mine:

Stine, Handbook of Model Rocketry, 5th ed.
Alway, Rockets of the World, 3rd ed.
Francis Graham, Monocopters (put out by Apogee)
McCreary, Experimental Composite Propellant
Sleeter, Amateur Rocket Motor Construction
Pratt, Basics of Model Rocketry
Second Stage - Advanced Model Rocketry (Compiled by Michael Banks and Tim Van Milligan)
Shadow Composites' 3 vol video set on composite techniques
Western Space Technology’s Space and Rocketry Resource Disk

One year of American Space Modeling
Several years of Sport Rocketry
Several years of HPR Mag
A few issues of Extreme Rocketry
A bunch of launch videos
A few old catalogs

Larson and Wertz, Space Mission Analysis and Design
Krantz, Failure is Not an Option (my non tech entry :))
Krantz, Failure is Not an Option (my non tech entry :))

Oh, yeah, that reminds me!

Tom Kelly, Moon Lander
Zimmerman, Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8

HBO, From The Earth To The Moon miniseries (DVD)
Apollo 13 (VHS, ick)
?, "The Red Stuff", DVD documentary on the early Russian space program
PBS, "To The Moon" (DVD) FANTASTIC documentary done for NOVA
DVD sets from Spacecraft Films:
"Apollo 11, Men On The Moon"
"Mighty Saturns - Saturn 1 and 1B"
"Mighty Saturns - Saturn V"
Good thread,, My bookshelf has,

Amature Rocket motor construction-Sleeter
Rockets of the world-Alway
How to make amature Rockets-Wickman
Spaceship Handbook-Haggerty
Advanced Model rocketry-Banks/Vanmilligan
Enclyclopedia of the worlds Rockets and Missiles-Gunston
The Dream Machines-Miller
Handbook of model rocketry-Stine
20th century Artillery-Hogg
Topics in advanced model rocketry-MIT press
Model rocket design and construction-Vanmilligan

I just finished the Krantz book, pretty good !
I also have a ton of reference on my computer and disc
Mine's tiny:

Model Rocket Design and Construction: milligan
Assorted rocket mags with interesting stuff

That's it.... I hope to get Rocket Boys by Homer Hickman someday.

When I get older though I hope to get a good book on high speed aerodynamics (the nerd in me smiles:D )

I love being unique and learning from my own mistakes. That's how I build all my rockets now.