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Nov 15, 2009
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I just needed to order some spacer rings from Quest for 50 cents each at a total of $2 for 4 rings. Went to checkout and found they have a $20 minimum order. So... I spent another $28 and all I could say was wow! Talk about cheap pricing! I got a Magnum Sport Loader (dual engine) for $12. This looks like a nice rocket for the money. I spent the next $16 on rocket parts and for this money I got enough material to make at least five rockets! Nose cones for less than a buck?! Body transistions for 50 cents, engine mounts for 65 cents?!, and body tubes 30" long for for $1.11! Okay I know their body tubes need a little filler and the Quest stuff is odd sized, but what a deal. Off to RocSim to put all this stuff to stabile high flying use.
I am very glad to see Quest selling rocket components now too. But their parts aren't "odd sized," they are "Quest sized." Their body tube sizes (which are all metric-based, by the way) add to the range of sizes available for LPR, to the delight of scratch-builders everywhere. More tube sizes means more project possibilities. :D Among other things, they make it easier to do upscales and downscales. With all of the sizes available from Semroc, BMS, ASP, FlisKits and now Quest, scratch-builders are in....


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Additionally, the 30" tubes they sell individually are made by Euclid, NOT in China. The spirals are no better or worse than Estes. The Quest tubes ARE slightly thicker walled which is why I try to build with them whenever possible.
In fact, here's a scratchbuild made with all Quest parts. Note the plastic fin unit with motor retention ring.

JoeLaunchman, nice looking rocket. I guess with the prices being so great I am gonna have to order some more stuff. The kids and me can design alot of rockets for very little jing. I am using the trial version of RocSim (gonna have to buy it soon) and basing our rocket designs on vintage plans from JimZ etc. The kids love having input into the designs. They also enjoy helping design our own decals that we can print out. This is one heck of a hobby and for the kids it sure beats video games! Alright, I (I mean the kids) are officially addicted!