priming/finishing a textured wrap

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Jan 20, 2009
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I've got a Estes SR-71 Blackbird sitting here, completely NAKED!

It's got a nicely textured cardstock skin, straight out of the package. How do I prime/paint this thing without losing the texture that was embossed into the wrap?

I can just see myself applying my usual primer job, then sanding it, and wondering, "Where did that embossed texturing go? It was here a minute ago..." :(

I used a light coat of Krylon flat white to primer mine. I didn't sand the primer, just let it dry 24 hours. Then painted the model with Krylon gloss black. The texture shows up just fine, you just can't see it in the photo.

if you have an airbrush, it does a nice job of laying down a thin coat.

with a can mabey dust the rocket with a few light coats, just enough to cover
There was a great article on this in Sport Rocketry a couple issues ago. If you have any copies, go back and browse. It's a great article.