Press Release: Sirius Rocketry Interrogator G Released at NSL 2009

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Jan 18, 2009
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Interrogator G Makes Its Debut at NSL 2009

NEENAH, Wisconsin USA -

Sirius Rocketry is proud to celebrate its tenth anniversary by introducing the first kit in its "Transition Series", the new Interrogator G. This new kit, based on the extremely popular smaller versions, was very well-received at its debut at the National Sport Launch 2009. The Interrogator G represents the first in a line of models from Sirius Rocketry that can be flown as both model and high-power impulse rockets. With a 29mm motor mount, the Interrogator G flies comfortably on commonly-available model rocket and reloadable F and G motors, but uses high-power building concepts that allow Level 1 certification flights with H motors with the same kit, allowing the user to transition into high-power rocketry with the same model.

The Interrogator G has many features that make it a fun and easy kit to
build and a great one to fly:

- Heavy-wall body tubes that stand up to the rigors of higher-impulse flight.

- Precision laser-cut aircraft plywood fins and centering rings.

- Unique backplate system to strengthen the rudders.

- Four full-color decal sheets that make this another Sirius Rocketry signature kit and make a stunning model without a lot of detail painting. The decals are based on the smaller models, but at this larger scale, you will notice even more detail is included! The four decal sheets alone would retail for over $20 seperately.

- Durable ripstop nylon parachute from our friends at Top Flight Recovery.

- Durable 400-pound test Kevlar shock cord mount and generous elastic shock cord to soften the stress of deployment.

- Laser-cut bevel on the intake tube. You do not have to cut the bevel like with the smaller Interrogators.

- Pre-cut dowel details.

- A detailed 12-page instruction manual that Sirius Rocketry is famous for,
including clear step-by-step illustrations and several pages of suggestions
and tips to help you make the most of your build.

- Many extras are also included like a quick link for the parachute and
positive motor retention hardware. Both a 1/4" launch lug and rail buttons
for standard 1010 rail are also included to give you the ability to launch
on almost any club's equipment.

The Interrogator G retails for $114.95, and is available at and through its dealers.

Since 1998, Sirius Rocketry has made hobby rocketry kits in the U.S.A. with the highest quality and attention to detail. Sirius Rocketry kits are
available exclusively through the Sirius Rocketry secure website and through select worldwide retailers. For more information, visit our website at

Sirius Rocketry, LLC
Product-Specific Website:
Email: [email protected]




That's a great idea! I'm coming down with a bit of the unemployment flu, but when I get over it I think that will be at the top of my catch-up list.
Hi Dave, that Interrogater "G" I saw at NSL is a great new kit with all the extras many charge extra for all included :cool:

It is also kewl you can fly it on model and hpr motors; its very hot looking.

My wife is going to be very mad at you!!!!!!!!
I have a LOT of wives mad at me! It is becoming a business hazard...

Speaking for me: KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!:D

Speaking for SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED: Chincha John, Rockets (unpronounceable Korean syllables inserted here) Chincha! Chincha! Chincha! Kwaknyou!

Sorr, thats about good as I can get the transliteration...:bangpan:
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