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Jan 18, 2009
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Well the Mrs. ordered it for me (Man you got to love having a wife that loves this hobby) It was ordered late but ohh well just wondering what everyone thinks about the Kit?
Did you get it stock or with the CPR3000? You can order it with the tubes cut for CPR, then put your own altimeter in it, which is my recommendation. Depending on where you live too, you can get it with the 60" parachute upgrade.

I absolutely love the my L2 cert on it. A great kit. You WILL be a happy boy!

I think its a VERY sweet kit. AMRAAMs don't really appeal to me but the size of this one does.
I love Carl's Amraam 4 too!!! lol It's an awesome looking kit, and I've seen a bunch of them make spectacular flights.
Carl I just got it stock and I allready have a 60" coming that I won on ROL auction . Ill be posting pics from start to finish I really want to take my time on detail I want it to look sweet.

Congrats on a fine kit... my wife ordered me one earlier this year... yes ya gotta love em.. :D

Maiden flight was on an I211 and it's a purdy sight indeed... use extra care on those pesky canard fins... in my opinion they're most likely thing to get damaged..

I popped one off on the first flight and loosened another even though i sanded the dickens out of the QT beforehand just didn't get a good enough bite..

On the repair i drilled some holes down through the coupler that they mount to for epoxy rivets and also through the base of the fin itself so that the fillets on either side would run through the fin...think i did 4 holes for each application, i'll see how this fix holds...

It's a beautiful bird.... check my page if you get time it's the highlighted pic on the front page right now with my 4 yr old before it's maiden flight...