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Found Parts and Decals for the Estes Patriot, Estes Bull Pup 12D & Custom Rockets Galaxy Rescue

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Apr 25, 2022
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Western, KY
I'm looking for the following decals (from U.S. sellers, ideally):

- Estes Bull Pup 12D (not sure on the model number; just want the water slide decals, not the peel-and-stick. I think #7000 will have the water-slide decals).
- Custom Rockets Galaxy Rescue
- Estes Patriot (#2056)

I'm also looking for a nose cone for the Estes Patriot (#2056).

I can pay via PayPal and I'm open to trades or trades + cash. I have the the following:

- Estes Bandito Decals
- Estes Mini Honest John Decals
- Estes Mini Honest John kit
- Estes Mini Fat Boy kit
- Estes Yankee (modern veresion) decals
- Estes Black Brant II Decals (#7243)
- Vintage Estes Yankee kit
Patriot NC is the same as the Estes Curvilinear kit, which is pretty darn cheap in a lot of places.

It's about 9% longer than a scale NC for the Patriot would be, and that doesn't account for the blunting that isn't there on the real rocket. Depending how much you care, it's more accurate to get one printed correctly.
I have a Patriot Kit I will unload cheap as I have 3 of these. I also have the BullPup but need to verify if decals or stickers for you. You can PM me.