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Jul 25, 2009
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Does anyone have pics of all four fins - (both sides) of a V-2? Almost everything I've seen only shows a couple of the fins. Thanks
Make yours distinctive - paint it in the later field test scheme. Lots of people use the black and white roll bars, lots of people use the camouflage scheme, some people use the plain overall green, but I've yet to see one in the green scheme with black and white tail.

Alternatively, I have a picture of the tail art for the A4 in the second black and white scheme, which depicts the second test and first successful flight - the first man-made object into space. I'm not sure it's suitable for a family-friendly site, though - PM me if you want a copy. (It's not politically sensitive, i.e. does not contain national markings or slogans, but is definitely politically incorrect. ;))
Excelsior Rocketry has some great V-2 decals for a variety of scales.
I'm torn between yellow/black and just painting it solid olive drab. I'm not certain the drab idea is scale, but it's much easier. It's the Semroc model so no big investment. Your ideas?
olive drab was the color of "white sands #1" it is scale. And yes it would be easier to paint.....Much harder to find in the tall grass!
Copied from ;)

Overall olive drab is a valid colour scheme. It was used in 1945, probably because the Germans were short of both paint and manpower. Besides, the original owners of the V2 didn't follow the same safety code that we do, and there wasn't much point in applying a fancy paint job to a rocket that was not expected to be used for more than one flight. :)