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Martin Vrstal

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Aug 3, 2002
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I just purchased and old Archer off of e-bay. Kind of in bad shape but I'm planning on rebuilding. I believe it's a very early version because it has a true 29mm with two 24mm outboards. The only refrence to this type configuration I can find is a single review on EMRR. Also it has no payload section. Looks like it may have been built without due to the fact that the gorilla cable comes to the end of the BT.

Does anyone here have any info/specs/instructions on the early version of the Archer? It sure would be helpful. Thanks...Marty
Dan.....Thanks for the link. I've got an e-mail out to Tom. His Archer video looks really cool. Not sure if you want to see pics of mine right now.....it has seen better days. Where are the pics of yours?
I built a NCR Archer back in 1991. My first cluster rocket. I have somewhere a fantastic liftoff photo of the rocket on one F50 and two D12s where the rocket is halfway up the rod and only the D12s seem to be pushing it. I tried flying it on one G40 and two E15s, but learned an important lesson in clustering single use White Lightning motors; don't do it! After I rebuilt it, I don't think I ever got around to flying it again.

The Archer had the same dimensions as a Phantom 4000 or LOC IV. Tethering the nose cone to the rocket was via a nylon rope that you threaded through two holes you'd punch in the ACE nose cone; I always wished there was a better way to do that. The fins were surface mounted. The kit came with two motor tube plugs that, at the time, I could not figure out for the life of me. For some reason it never occured to me that you put those into the tops of the 24mm tubes when doing single motor flights.
Not much useful info, but this is from a 90/91 catalog:

Rec motors: core - F25-4,F50-4,G25-5,G40-7,G80-7; outboard - D12-5,E15-7,E30-7

Length - 50"
Dia - 4"
Weight - 28 oz
Price - $39.95

Alt - 900' on a G40
Dick.....Could you post a pic from the 90/91 catalog or send my a scan via e-mail?

Thanks for the info so far guys...........Marty
Marty, I don't have a flat-bed and don't want to cut up the catalog. Hopefully I'll be getting a decent digicam next week (finally!) and will try to capture it that way.
Here's a picture of my ugly (at the moment) Archer. Stretched a little. I need to sand it all out and then paint it. Should fly on an H128W for a maiden reflight, as that was it's first motor. Then an I218R.
nice dude, the archer should be extended it looks much better that way
Now that I look at it, it appears my strakes are closer to the main fins than they should be. On mine, the fore edge of the fin root, to the bottom edge of the strake root is 3".

Does anyone know what that dimension should be?
iit looks right to me. I can go measure though when I get the chance
Originally posted by DPatell
Does anyone know what that dimension should be?

When I built mine, I don't think there was more than 3 inches between the sets of fins. Yours looks fine to me. The longer design makes it look more Standard ARM-ish.
Here's what I've got. My total length is 48". I don't think it's the original NC, but then again it's a little broke and smashed right on the tip.

Measurment between the fins and strakes is 3". When I get around to rebuilding, I plan on adding a 12" payload section for more stability.

For what it's worth.....here's a pic.
Martin - Definately not as bad as I thought. Looks quite good, actually!! I can't wait to see it restored.
Hey Dick.....have ya figured that new camera out yet? If so could you post a pic from your 90/91 catalog? I still haven't heard back from the other guy yet.....guess it's time to send another e-mail.
Marty, I sent you and email. Respond back so I get your address and I'll send them. Too big for TRF.
The Bullpup is ready for paint now so I thought I would work on the Archer. The last couple of days have been spent sanding, fixing fillets, installing new launch lugs, and fixing the tip of the broken NC.

The NC looked like it had landed on some pavement sometime in it's life. I sanded it down a bit and added the tip off a NC80k. It will work for me.

here's a pic of the NC fix.
Hey....does anybody happen to have scans of the Archer decals they could send me? I'll have my brother make me some vinyl.
restoration project is looking great, the nosecone fix is a piece of art.

The downscale SA-14 Archer I made from scratch, used automotive pin-stripe tape from an automotive parts store (i.e. Autozone, Advanced Auto, Pep Boys...etc.), and the insignia came from an RC airplane store.

This is the best pic I have right now, but here is my scratch Archer having an H128 installed in business end.
Looking good Marty! It does my heart good to see a rocket restored to life :)
looks great, are you going to extend it a little?

I like that little archer, and the car it is on, what is that?