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Oct 25, 2016
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This weekend (Oct 22, 23) is the monthly launch for Tripoli Central Virginia at Battlepark near Culpeper, VA. The current forecast looks amazing! (70 degrees, light winds, few clouds). Field information, location and details can be found at https://battlepark.org/?post_type=tribe_events.

Everyone is welcome but if you plan on flying make sure your annual membership (or one day flight fees) are up to date on the website (battlepark.org). The soy beans and corn are still in the fields so consider a tracker or "screecher" to make recovery easier.

I'm traveling for work but hope others are able to make it out and enjoy the weekend.
YES, to echo tHoagland, all are welcome to come on out and fly with us!!!

Please do review the website: https://battlepark.org for registration info and let us know if you plan on flying over 8,000' AGL.

hope to see you this weekend!!!

-Sean Hanlon, TCV 25 Prefect
Do not attach your screecher directly at the shroud lines, the added weight will pull it into the plants unless the shrouds are really long. And be able to rely on it or them.
Soybeans are about waist high on my 6'1" frame. Thinking the crop will be turning and much dryer than it was for the last launch.

Corn is mature and should be dry and ready to harvest.
That first flight on the Blue Hobgoblin w/ a G40-7W landed a looong ways away. We were lucky to find it after a long search. It went up bit over 1/4 mile:

IMG_2282 Blue Hobgoblin 30 in parachute,G40-7 altimeter_crop.jpg

So I changed the parachute from a 30 to a 24 incher and an F-25-6W motor. Much easier to locate. If it wasn't for those tall soybeans the G motor would have been fine. Hopefully it will all be cut down next time.
Looks like the beans were all starting to dry out and turn brown. I assume that made locating rockets a little bit easier, especially a green one. From the videos, it looked like a little windier than forecasted, was that true for the whole day?
Was great to see all of you that came out, thank you for making it a great weekend!

Saturday was great! Really a fantastic day. Today was more overcast and windy but still very flyable.

The soybeans are still very unforgiving. They claimed my HV Arcas, 29/240 case and JLCR :-/. Will see if I can find it next month.

A few of my flights:




H210. Possibly her last…