Non-Rocket Use of Mobius Camera

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Dave A

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Jan 21, 2013
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Fort Myers, FL
When not flying rockets I want to setup one of my Mobius cameras on a continuous loop connected to a laptop, in my shop, as a security camera.
I have a powerful wifi extender in range of my shop. Very strong wifi signal in the shop.

How can I have that video show live on my house pc or a way to access the laptop video (assume by sharing) so I can play back the video remotely?
There's a myriad number of ways to do it but it will take turning your laptop into a server. It's more cost and hassle than it's worth. It's easier and cheaper to purchase a WiFi webcam, a Foscam can be had for about $65, and save the Mobius for your rockets.
Those with a Mobius: can you turn off the looping? Would have to have a prolonged recovery overwrite the flight.