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Mar 22, 2016
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Sterling Heights, MI
Announced earlier this month by, an independent support forum for users of the Mobius line of action cams, the long-hinted 4K version of the Mobius Maxi has finally hit the streets. Deliveries to US customers might take several weeks, though, because the only distributors at the moment are the China-based developer eletoponline365 and the UK-based Webbex.


While camera's form virtually matches that of the 2.7K Mobius Maxi, it sports (finally!) a modern USB-C connector instead of the woefully obsolete mini-USB port that all previous Mobius cameras have used. The price? Currently it's $98.99, but I suspect as the now, virtually dormant US-based Mobius retailers are stocked with the Maxi 4K, that may drop a bit.

Here are the overview and the specs, taken from the maker's, eletoponline, e-bay listing:

Best and newest Mobius Camera, powered by latest chip solution, records super-fine detail in 4K 30fps and has a wide dynamic range, natural colors, smooth exposure, great image quality.

Powerful hardware, super low power consumption for a 4K camera, less heat dissipation, more reliable for continuous 4K videos recording.

New Type C USB Interface. Easy connection with computers. Plug and Play, working as USB drive or webcam.

Easy connection with smart phone as well (if your smart phone has Type C USB port and supports USB OTG) to access files on memory card, with camera as an external USB Disk.

Multi-functioned, we can use it as a pocket camcorder, sports camera, dash cam, still camera, webcam, even as a removable storage device.

Simple and easy to use, work perfectly out of box. It also comes with advanced user settings.

We can change the parameters setting by configuration TXT file, or by Isoprop’s powerful PC tool mSetup, (V6.0.0.0 or above). We also have a simple Windows GUI - mTool working for this Maxi 4K model.

Package included
1x Mobius Maxi 4K Camera with Battery
1x Mounting Base
1x Type C USB (data/charging) Cable
1x Type C USB OTG Adapter
1x Pair Velcro
1x Quick Start Guide

ModelMobius Maxi 4K Camera (MM4K)
Angle of ViewLens A: FOV 150° (Diagonal), wide angle, f/2.8
Video Resolution4K 30fps /2.7K 30fps /2.7K 60fps /1440P 30fps /1440P 60fps /1080 P30fps
/1080P 60fps /1080P 120fps /720P 120fps /720P 240fps
Video File FormatMP4 / MOV
Video CodecH.264 / AVC
USB InterfaceType C (USB2.0)
TV out (Video)PAL / NTSC
Memory CardMicroSD memory card (not included in standard package)
Supports FAT32 and exFAT, working with larger cards, 512GB tested
Note: 4K 30fps, 1080P 120fps and 720P 240fps requires U3 or above
LED Indicator LightRed, Yellow, Blue, Green (can be turned off when needed)
BuzzerSupported (beeper can be turned off when needed)
MicrophoneSupported (Audio can be muted when needed).
DimensionsApprox. 72mm x 35mm x 18.5mm (Lens diameter 20.5mm)
Net WeightApprox. 50 grams only, with battery included.
Power InputStandard USB DC +5V (Recommended Charger 2A or above)
Internal BatteryRechargeable LiPo Battery (950mAh)
Working currentMax 412mA@ DC 5V, Max 490mA@DC 4.2V
Fully charged battery can record up to 110 minutes of 4K 30fps videos
and 155 minutes of 1080p 60fps videos
Photo Modesingle, burst and time lapse modes; JPEG
Long Exposure PhotoSupported (1s; 2s; 5s; 8s; 30s, 1minute)
Motion DetectionSupported
Loop RecordingSupported
Auto RecordSupported, auto start when connecting to external USB power supply
G-SensorSupported; Auto save and lock Event video files; auto flip video.
Advanced IQ SettingsSupported. Can set Exposure, AE metering, Contrast, Sharpness, AWB
Video Image StabilizationSupported (EIS)

Personally, though, I'm going to wait a bit to see just how ready for prime-time this new action cam is before jumping into the pool. While Mobius has hit home runs with the original keychain camera, the Mobius Action Cam, the Mobius Mini, and the Mobius Maxi, there was also the disastrous rollout of the Mobius 2, a buggy mess of a camera the firm didn't even pretend to try to resolve. Finally Eletoponline washed its hands of the matter by just issuing a credit to buyers of the Mobius 2 toward the follow-on Mini and Maxi cameras.

Let's hope the 4K Maxi lives up to the reputation won back by the current Mobius line. They are a pair of great products that greatly enhance the rocketry experience, and a 4K version will no doubt render some even more stunning footage of our trips into the blue.
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To objectively evaluate this newly-introduced camera's performance, one can download an actual, 45-second, 325Mb video file recorded by the Mobius Maxi 4k. The publicly-shared clip was linked-to by a Mobius tester, TonyM, on the DashCam enthusiast's forum to which he belongs, via his Mega account.
The clip is apparently an original file produced by the camera. For better or worse, it hasn't been re-rendered by You Tube. So, I surmise, what you see is what you get.
I recently received one of the brand-new Mobius Maxi 4K video cameras, ordered from Webbex in the UK and delivered in just over a week. I've made four short, unaltered clips--4K/30fps, 1080p/120 fps, and both with and without the camera's fisheye reduction feature enabled--which I've shared to my OneDrive at this link. To view the clips properly, I recommend one download them first and play them back using the VLC media player. (OneDrive's own built-in player will degrade the clips' playback quality significantly.)

First Impressions
  • True, native 4K resolution is stunning (especially when viewed on a wide-screen 4K TV), but quick camera or subject movement brings out its lesser, 30fps smoothness.
  • The 1080p resolution is slightly grainier than 4K when viewed on a 4K monitor, but its available, 120fps framerate retains sharpness and text legibility when panning quickly.
  • The fisheye reduction feature (Lens Distortion Correction) is fantastic, noticeably straightening out vertical objects that the 150-degree FOV will otherwise begin to bow just off center. This setting is made prior to recording.
  • Setting up the camera was simple and trouble-free using the tab-and-menu mSetup utility available on RCgroups dot com. Before configuring, though, I updated the camera's as-delivered firmware to the latest available using the tools utility in mSetup.
  • Thus far, no glitches, lockups, or other typical, early-adopter annoyances were experienced. I noticed that when cycling through the choices that the mode and shutter buttons offer, that quick, momentary button presses must be made, and will actuate in just a moment. Long button presses will fail to register.
I'm really looking forward to lofting this excellent, new offering in the Mobius line into the blue. It's clearly a winner.
I bought one in July and the image quality is great, I was very happy with it until a few days ago when it just stopped working. It was a sort of hard landing but not a lawn dart. When I recovered it it wouldn't turn off. Since then I've tried every combination of buttons, reset, with power, without etc. No luck. Amazingly Amazon is refunding my account even though it's well past the 30 day return date. But I'd still like to see if I can get it to work again. Does anyone have an ideas for a super-hard reset? Thanks. And BTW, I may be another, or may try the RunCam. Again, quality was great.

Here's a short video, edited only for length, watch out for audio, it's loud.


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