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May 8, 2020
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Oahu, Hawaii
The seller promised me the cam filmed in 60fps. I was originally disappointed it was in 30fps. The seller showed me instructions for changing the settings. It worked. Not sure yet if it's real 60fps so hoping to try soon. The cam is 2"x1.25" and weighs 17g.!)
I followed these instructions. The config.txt was slightly different such as calling it MOVIE MODE instead of VIDEO MODE. Alternatively, you could install the mSetup.exe program. I haven't decided if I'm brave enough to update the firmware for fear of bricking. I copied the instructions below but TRF converts to emojis so use the forum link above to get a readable version. I couldn't get the time stamp to update so set to 0.

Manual User Configuration Setting Procedure

If your computer cannot run the MS Windows mSetup program or you would rather just edit the configuration text file manually, it's easy to do, just follow these steps exactly:

1. Download the camera's configuration file to the flash card in the camera by turning off the camera, then pressing and holding down the camera shutter button while also pressing the power button until the red LED flashes a few times and then turns off. DO NOT RELEASE THE BUTTONS DURING THIS DOWNLOAD TIME.

2. Turn the camera on, connect it to your PC, and access the camera root directory when it goes into the "removable disk mode", and confirm the camera configuration text file (named "tl808config" is shown on the memory card.

3. Open the config text file with a simple plain vanilla (ASCII) text editor (e.g. like the familiar "Notepad" text editor for Windows users). The file will look similar to this (without the highlighting):
Date format=[0];set date format,0:YYYY/MM/DD, 1:DD/MM/YYYY, 2:MM/DD/YYYY
/**Note: "Date time" must be in accordance with the date format specified otherwise unable to set the date**/
Date time=[2020/12/21-10:39:25];date time setting,yyyy/mm/dd-hh:mm:ss
Modify datetime=[0];date time setting comfirm,0:not set 1: modify

Default Mode=[0];set power-on default mode,0:Movie Mode, 1:photo Mode

Movie Resolution=[0];0:1080p,1:720p
Movie Frame Rate=[0];0:30fps,1:25fps
Movie Sound=[2];set Video sound,0:Mute,1:Low,2:Medium,3:High
Movie Cycle Time=[3];Video cycle time,0:3 minutes,1:5 minutes,2:10 minutes,3:Max to 2G
When Movie Timelapse open this selection is invalid, always 3 minutes!!
Movie Loop Recording=[0];set loop recording on or off, 0:eek:ff, 1:eek:n
Movie Timelapse=[0];set movie time lapse record,0:eek:ff,1:1s,2:5s,3:10s,4:30s,5:1 min,6:10 min,7:60 min
Movie Flip=[0];set movie flip,0:Off,1:On,
Movie Time Stamp=[1];set date/time stamp on or off,0:eek:ff,1:eek:n
Movie quality=[20];set Video Bitrate from 1Mbps to 20Mbs (Movie quality from low to high;
0 means default values: 1080P 30fps AVC 16Mbps, 1080P 30fps HEVC 10MBps,720P 30fps AVC 8Mpbs, 720P 30fps HEVC 5Mbps)
Movie Codec=[1];set codec,0:H264 AVC,1:H265 HEVC

Photo Mode Capture Size=[0];set photo size,0:1920x1080,1:1280x720
Photo Flip=[0];set photo flip,0:Off,1:On
Photo Time stamp=[1];set date/time stamp on or off,0:eek:ff,1:eek:n
Set Time Lapse Shooting=[0];0:eek:ff,1:0.25s,2:0.5s,3:1s,4:2s,5:5s,6:10s,7:30s,8:60s

Auto Power off=[1];set system auto power off time interval,0:eek:ff,1:30 seconds,2:1 minutes,3:2 minutes
Auto Record with External Power=[0];set connect with power to start video recording automatically,0:eek:ff,1:eek:n
LED=[1];set LED flicker when recording,0:eek:ff,1:eek:n
Light frequency=[1];set light source frequency,0:50 HZ,1:60 HZ
TV out=[0];set Tv out,0:NTSC,1:pAL
Lens=[0];select lens,0:lens A,1:lens D
Motion Detect=[0];set motion detect,0:eek:ff,1:eek:n
Motion Detect Timeout=[1];set motion detect timeout,0:5s,1:15s,2:30s,3:60s
Motion Detect Sensitivity=[1];set Motion Detect Sensitivity,0:high,1:normal,2:low

Image Quality Setting

Enable Manual AE Lock or AWB Lock = [0]; 0: Not enabled; 1: AE Lock and AWB Lock; 2: AE Lock only; 3: AWB Lock only.
(Long 3 sec. Shutter button press required to turn AEL or AWBL on)
White Balance=[0];Set White Balance,0:Auto,1:Sunny,2:Cloudy,3:Tungsten,4:Fluorescent,5:Snow,6:Diving,7:Custom WB1,8:Custom WB2,9:Custom WB3
Sunny(4800-5500K) used for sunny with clear sky(Rgain=383,Ggain=256,Bgain=476);
Cloudy(7000-9000K) used for shade or heavily overcast sky(Rgain=383,Ggain=256,Bgain=341);
Tungsten(2500-3200K) used for Tungsten bulb (or called Incandescent light)(Rgain=332,Ggain=256,Bgain=627);
Fluorescent(3800-4500K) used for fluorescent lamps(Rgain=370,Ggain=256,Bgain=577);
Snow used for snow day(Rgain=476,Ggain=256,Bgain=406);
Diving used for dive water(Rgain=383,Ggain=256,Bgain=368);
Customized White Balance 1 Red Gain=[484],Green Gain=[256],Blue Gain=[416];
Customized White Balance 2 Red Gain=[484],Green Gain=[256],Blue Gain=[416];
Customized White Balance 3 Red Gain=[484],Green Gain=[256],Blue Gain=[416];
Set red ,green,blue gain,256 is 1x gain,value from 100 to 999;

Exposure Value=[50];Exposure compensation,values from 0 to 100,In 1 increments,default value is 50
Exposure Strategy Mode=[0];set exposure strategy mode,0:exposure high light prior,1:exposure low light prior
Exposure Metering=[0];set exposure Metering,0:center weighted,1:center spot,2:multi-spot,3:upper weighted,4:down weighted

Color Effect=[0];Set Color Effect,0:Standard,1:Mono,2:Cool,3:Cooler,4:Warm,5:Warmer,6:Vivid;
Contrast=[50];Set Contrast,values from 0 to 100,In 1 increments,default value is 50;
Saturation=[50];Set Image Saturation,values from 0 to 100,In 1 increments,default value is 50;
Sharpness=[50];Set Image Sharpness,values from 0 to 100,In 1 increments,default value is 50;

software version:1.00.27
Note: The function key values used by the camera are shown in red square brackets immediately following the function names. The underlined text shows special format requirements or conflicts with other settings. For the date/time value to keep the camera's current date/time settings you can us question marks (?) for the key values. Functions shown may vary with firmware updates, but manual editing is similar. The FW version currently loaded in the camera is shown at the end of the config file.
4. Replace any function key number values in the square brackets with any valid alternate setting key number, shown bolded to the right of each function, with the exception of date and time. For date and time, the format of the entered date and time must match the exact format shown in your selected format. DO NOT delete the "-" or "/" marks or add any spaces or invalid numbers.
Note: Using invalid numbers or other characters in the square brackets could cause the camera config key to not be properly saved and/or switch to default values.
5. Save the revised file back to the flash card root directory, but do not change the file name.

6. Upload the revised config file back into the camera by turning off the camera, then using the same key-press sequence used to download the configuration from the camera.

7. When the LED turns off, you're done! The new configuration will be in the camera and the config file will be automatically deleted from the flash card. You may check the flash card to confirm this if you wish.
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That was a lot of fun to watch! Thanks for posting!

And thanks for the 411 on the camera. So I'm guessing you feel it's worth the money invested?
That was a lot of fun to watch! Thanks for posting!

And thanks for the 411 on the camera. So I'm guessing you feel it's worth the money invested?
For $40, yes. That said, I'm thinking of returning the cam because only using one speaker is bothering me and might order another one but will take another month to arrive.

Pro: the video is definitely sharper at 60fps. Cons: it took about a month to ship from China. I also just realized the audio is only in the right speaker. I'm not seeing a setting in the config file for it. In my video, the descent is a bit pixelated. It looks sharp in the raw video so perhaps a YouTube issue. I was able to get awesome screen grabs from VLC.

Here's the config file I used. I figured out have to change the date by selecting 1 for modify date/time.


  • TL808SConfig.txt
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Used it three times a week ago and been working great. I messed up on remixing the audio so only the Bounty Hunter has mono sound. The cam is now $38 and my friend received his after only a week.

Is the consensus that 30 fps is to slow?
Well, too blurry for high speed velocity. Once you go 60fps, you never go back.

I've been thinking about putting together a RaceRender tutorial, but who has the time. I'm still trying to figure out how to integrate the Ion altimeter data with the RR video. The Flightsketch is easier but...

What are you using for the altitude overlay?
Sometimes the raw altitude seems to work better and sometimes the filtered works better. In the above video, the battery disconnected because I cut the sides of the connector to fit the altimeter and it shook loose so I extrapolated the data. I'm slowly figuring it out in between wind storms. I have another opportunity this weekend.

The raw velocity is a mess, but the filtered works great. The second Doorknob flight was trippy. It floundered in the air until 100ft then took off. Turned out the filtered was better because the rocket landed on someone's roof.


My main issue was finding Lipos that worked with the Ion. Even the one you sent me didn't always work. My friend shipped me some that he's been using with his Ion and it's been working great. Now I have to find the Classic and Quark I put together last year and see if they work.
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