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Nitro RC plane

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Jun 12, 2017
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I know its not a rocket, but Ive been trying to sell it all summer, so I figure why not post it here.

I'm selling my Sig 4 Star 40. This airplane has been flown 3 times before. It has all the servos it needs except one for the throttle, it needs a new fuel tank and BEC, as well as a new battery. It comes with a receiver (spectrum AR400-X), an O.S .46 engine, electric fuel pump, electric starter, and mounting hardware for the engine. The wingspan is 60 inches, and it's 45 inches long. Everything is in good condition. My asking price is $200 for the lot. My email is [email protected] if you are interested. I can send you pictures there. Pickup is in the Denver area. I will only ship it if you pay actual shipping cost, and accept any damage that might occor in shipping.

60" wingspan
45" long

Thanks for viewing.
What plane is it? Who made it (company?) Was it a kit build or ARF?

Many of us fly too, so we probably know the plane...
oops, my bad. it was late, thats my excuse. It's a Sig 4 Star 40. The guy I got it from built the kit. I've flown it myself 3 times, and it flies beautifully. Great semi-aerobatic sport flier. I'm just going off to college soon, and can't have that plane sitting at home, taking up a bunch of space.
I have flown the 40 and 60 sized 4 Stars and have the 120 size. For anyone considering this it is a great flying airplane and O.S. is one of the best engine manufacturers around. This is a great price and you are getting a lot of extras.

Good luck with your sale.