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Ray Dunakin

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Jan 9, 2003
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I've just finished posting a set of detailed construction photos for a 2.6" camera payload using an electronic timer:

My previous payloads have all used a mechanical servo-and-lever mechanism to activate the camera, which is pretty easy to set up and doesn't require hacking into the camera. But that's too bulky to fit into a 2.6" tube, so I've always used a boxy payload capsule. The timer allows a more streamline tubular payload (a bit heavier than the foam core box though).

I had several goals when I designed this payload:

1. It had to be quick and easy to access the camera.
2. The timer had to be accessible too.
3. It had to descend in an upright position, like my other payloads.
4. The mirror shroud had to be removable, for easy repair or replacement.

It took me a while to come up with a design that accomplishes these goals, and I'm pleased with the results. I even converted the normally wasted space in the coupler into a bay for a recording altimeter (non-deployment).

The camera and timer can be easily accessed simply by removing four small screws and sliding the full-length coupler tube from the payload airframe.

Any questions or comments, feel free to ask!
Howdy Ray,

Once again, you have amazed me, granted thats not hard to do in this hobby of ours, but if its any consulation, your the one person whom if I ever get into cameras and booster hardware - you are da man to ask. 8)

I love how you always seem to come up with new, or at least improved methods to obtain better results.

Simply amazing stuff Ray. Kudos to you my friend,
Thanks! Now if I can just come up with a simple way to reduce the weight a bit without sacrificing durability. Loaded, it comes to about 23 ounces. The old boxy mechanical payload is about 16-18 ounces -- hard to beat foam core for weight. But the drag on the box shape is pretty high.