Need help recovering data from my camera's SD card

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Jan 18, 2009
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An appeal to the camera/data savvy,

While on vacation my camera was in this split screen mode and I tried everything to make it display normally.
I finally pressed the "reset to defaults" and the display returned to normal.

Problem is that it erased the sd card in the process.
I have not written over the card but I am trying to find a way to get my 200+ pictures back. (1/2 Naram 51 pictures)
Has anybody had any luck doing this. I found a free program called "recuva"
that can be downloaded has anybody ever used it.


:bangbang:If I can resolve this it will be one less thing my wife can yell at me for.:bangpan:
I used it successfully to recover files off my auxillary hard drive when I hit "Shift-Del" thinking I was deleting a couple files and then saw a bunch of directories fly by :y:

recuva is great! Hopefully the "reset" on your camera did not wipe the card.
Lexar and SanDisk both used to offer free recovery software; check out their websites.

Any sort of undelete utility that works on a drive will work. You may find you get some ancient stuff back, and some of the new stuff won't be recoverable.

Hey thanks everyone for your great suggestions.


I downloaded "recuva" and it worked great!!!!!!!!!!

I loaded my sd into the card reader. My E: drive showed absolutely nothing-no files.

I followed the directions with the download and after about
5 minutes I saw one picture pop up :cheers: then another then another.

Long story short I got ALL 250 pictures recovered and loaded on
a 700mb cd.

Wow recuva is great.

"The Camera Shop" wanted $20 for the service and $50 per GB to recover.
This would have cost me about $70 all together.

Thanks again for your help!!