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Aug 13, 2009
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A couple of years ago I used the Model Master putty that, I believe, Monogram made. It was a red-brown putty primarily marketed for plastic model builders. Whatever happened to the stuff? Does anyone know of any product that is similar? I have been using Squadron putty but I just don't like it as much as the Model Master putty.
I believe what you're talking about was/is sold by Testors. It's the exact same stuff as Bondo's spot glazing putty or something like that. You can get it at Wal-Mart or ant auto parts store.My favorite type of putty is Tamiya's basic type putty. It's hard to find but it's worth trying to find it. BTW Squadron putty is garbage.
I've used both Testor's Model Master putty and Squadron Green Putty and I much prefer the Model Master putty - I've always found that Squadron Green is grainy and is hard to sand after it dries - it is harder than styrene. Plus, I always had trouble getting paint to cover it - it always took a lot of paint to finally cover that green.

I've never used the Tamiya putty, but the one I've always had good luck with was Milliput Superfine - it is white, about the hardness of styrene when dry and you can smooth it with a water moistened finger before it sets.
I've been using the Squadron green stuff, and I seem to create more defects than I fix when applying it to fillets. I just can't seem to sand it smooth. Based on this abundant scientific evidence, would I see better results with the Model Masters or even Bondo glazing putty?

PS - Also saw a reference to Pirhana Putty in a recent Sport Rocketry issue. Looks a little more spendy, but anyone used it before?
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If there's a difference between Testor's Model Master and 3M #907 Bondo Spot Putty (pictured), I don't know what it is. I've used both and they seem exactly the same to me. I've used Squadron green putty, too, and much prefer the Bondo.

I don't care for the green Squadron putty. For whatever reason, I find the white Squadron putty much easier to work with. Never tried Model Masters or Bondo.