Model Design Blueprinting Handbook available (again)

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Jan 17, 2009
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I bought my copy of this book after reading this post in the archive . There were a limited number available, and they soon ran out.

I received an email today, here are partial quotes:

The MODEL DESIGN & BLUEPRINTING HANDBOOK, Volume 1, is now available in a NEW revised and expanded SECOND EDITION. The First Edition was an instant hit with both readers and reviewers, and it quickly sold out. It was featured in FineScale Modeler magazine and many other modeling magazines and websites.

The revised and expanded Second Edition will be released in March, 2010, with a special pre-order offer starting right now. If you reserve your copy today, you can get up to $10 OFF the price of this new edition.

US Customers

Canadian customers

Residents of the United Kingdom, Eastern and Western Europe, Japan,
Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Region

Residents of Israel and Central or South America

go to the web site(s) for more details.

I am not connected with, just a happy customer.
thanks for the update
It's a good book to have , especially for the scale data hounds like myself
I'd like to produce some instruction sets for kits. Would this book be useful for making illustrations for those instructions? My computer skills are somewhat limited. Ted