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Aug 20, 2003
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We'll try to be brief in this newsletter because we have a LONG newsletter coming about radio control breakthroughs (and obstacles) in just a few days.


More of the NEW Estes X-Prize rockets will arrive within a week to ten days. Thunderstar, the model of Steve Bennet's UK Starchaser vehicle, will be with us plus the small and gnarly Vanguard Eagle as well as the large and very pretty Canadian Arrow model. Still to be confirmed are the Virgin-delayed Space Ship One and the sleek Cosmos Mariner. It shouldn't be long now!

We have almost sold out of the Limited Edition ScissorWing re-release but will be getting more by mid-January. The new ARTF Estes boost glider, Eagle, will be here before then. The Oracle video cam rocket should be along soon, too.

Look for the new fantasy rocket Alien 8 from Fliskits/Shrox and the CFX-6 (footer), a big un from Sunward Aerospace. New Semrocs are expected soon, too.

New pukka HPR kits are coming from a famous US vendor... but we have to wait for a formal agreement to announce details. In the first consignment will be a HALF scale Patriot (7.5 inch diameter) suitable for the long and lovely RATT L/M megamotor.

The ATHA flight controllers have arrived - they are the BEST available and at a price that is less than the former leader in the flight controller/GPS telemetry sector. For the model end of the world, our flyers are still being amazed at the tiny PicoAlt LO3s

We have nearly 100 Afterburner 18s almost ready... just a few non-technical niggles to sort out and then you can extract an E's worth of boost from an Estes C motor.


We have a good stock of black powder Estes motors going into the New Year. No sign of last year's embarassing D drought thus far. Sadly, we have no news on the Cesaroni or Aerotech motor CE marking front. We are doing our best to accelerate the process but there seems to be some Euro intransience involved. Congreve is still hopeful...


While we were basking in the afterglow of a pretty reasonable Christmas weather for rocket flying, millions of people in south east Asia got a nasty surprise on Boxing Day. The death count from the Indian Ocean quake/tsunami is dreadful and there are a lot of suffering survivors. Deepsky has put a special higher price on its stock of Tidal Wave Estes starter kits to contibute to the Red Cross. £10 plus our profits on the kit will go to their charity appeal.

We know that sometimes generosity to good causes is stymied by small inconveniences. We are doing our small part to make it easy for you to help these poor folks out.

--->>Order a rocket and help the victims of that frightening

We will try to enlist Estes/Ripmax in the good work, too... otherwise we wouldn't want to be selling a product called Tidal Wave for a good long while to come...


2004 was a storming year for Deepsky. We had fun and, as they say, learned a lot! We shipped close to 3000 rockets, have well over 1000 customers and friends, successfully introduced our first products (the HELfire pads) and developed the second (Afterburners), formed alliances with rocket makers all over Europe and North America... and we only screwed up a few times. We still have to resolve a t-shirt horror story, a screwed up 9V controller order, and an order of missing igniters. We need to iron out the kinks in shipping bulk explosives to far flung fliers... the first one was a Neil Armstrong-esque giant leap.

We have spent most of this year quietly cutting prices as we honed our business processes and revelled in the favourable pound-dollar situation. However, Estes - who pays for its products in shrinking dollars, has just posted some price increases. As those new products enter our inventory, you may see a few small increases but not much or many (so far).

However, our intention is still to meet or beat any other UK rocket vendor's price, selection and service. If we need to make an adjustment to keep your custom, let us know! We are not a "discount" rocket shop as razor thin margins wouldn't allow us to give you the biggest and best selection in Europe with an expanding range of hot rocket products and the best possible service. But we won't be undersold!

Our courier, TNT, tried to raise their rates but we fought them off with a list of complaints and threats of taking our considerable business elsewhere... so we are still holding off any increases in shipping. Help us by specifying a business delivery address whenever possible. We will not send motors through the post... sure it's cheaper but we won't risk bringing the entire rocketry community into disrepute or exposing the hobby to even more government regulation.


One thing that we'd like you all to do to make 2005 a fun filled rocket year is to make sure we have full and correct addresses on your account. A small but annoying number of orders get tangled up because our courier TNT or the post can't find you. We print YOUR shipping labels directly from the info YOU enter on the site. So HELP us to get your order delivered fast and flub free!

And if you are reading this in our Community section of the web site instead of in your email - sort out your email address in your account data, too! Please! If you forgot the password, the shop can send a reminder.


We plan to be at the Black Knights launch in Milson in mid January and the EARS launch in early February but we haven't sorted out our away-dates yet. For sure we will be at the various Tripoli UK sites all next year... they have a 24/7 launch site in the Midlands and others scattered across the country. We hope to get to the Wirral and even far Devon 'ere long. This year we have vowed to fly MORE! We will be bringing the Deepsky hybrid GSE along and our seven motor Stovi, the Hesperis Skyburner, Gaby's HPR saucer and a few other pointy things with fins that are raring to go.

Have a sane New Year's experience and hope to see you soon!

The Deepsky Team