MMMSC Launch 25 June 2016

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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
We have a launch scheduled for 25 June 2016 at the Tuckahoe Turf Farm in Berwick, Maine. Set up will start about 9:30 and we'll be flying as soon as everything is ready to go. The plan is to fly until 4 PM.

What are you planning on flying?

Jason should be there covering all your AMWProX needs. If you're looking for anything in particular, check with him, Robert or Gloria ahead of time.

If you're going for your Level 1 or Level 2 certification, please let us know ahead of time and have all of your paperwork ready along with your NAR card to show your active status. If you've recently joined or certified at a level but don't have your updated card yet, bring your temporary card and/or a print out from the national website to show you are allowed to fly the level you'd like to fly.

If you're going to need the 1515 rail, give us a heads-up about that, too; it involves a lot of extra set up.

Keep an eye on this thread, the club website and Facebook page to see if there will be any issues with the weather.

I won't be at this launch so we'll need some people to step up to help with safety check and LCO duties. It shouldn't be an all day thing, just take an hour or so to help out. Thanks.