Missing my best friend...

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Jul 25, 2015
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I did the hardest thing I've ever had to do today. I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 12 years, 8 months and 11 days. He has been next to me through thick and thin, traveled the country with me in a truck when he was young and until the end was a happy face to greet me back home. His mind was there, but his body had betrayed him. I'd like to say I took care of him, but in reality, he took care of me. He was the best dog and the best friend a man could want. You'll always be loved Jack and I know someday I'll see you again. I love you bubba 😢ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495491129.606451.jpgImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495491157.932097.jpgImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495491196.251843.jpgImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495491233.107172.jpgImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495491306.142030.jpgImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495491364.028314.jpg
That sucks. I've been through it to. My current dog is the best I've had. He's 10 now and is slowing down.

Every dog that I've had the pleasure to share the earth with has taken a piece of my heart to heaven with them. It's the only way I'll get there. My condolences, brother. Be at peace.
Been there, and yes it hurt so bad I couldn't even see straight.
It's been three years since "that day", and it still hurts so damn much.

This might help (even though it will absolutely make you lose it for a few moments):
wish i could talk to you.jpg

This was my buddy of sixteen years:

peace and strength,
Here is Sir Henry, 1995-2001. He developed aggressive osteosarcoma in his sixth year, and I had to do the right thing. I had to stop every mile or so on the trip back from the vet, to wipe my eyes and get composure. I still miss him terribly. All I can say is that he understood me, and I understood him like no other dog I have ever had before, or since.

I just hope he is waiting for me when I cross over myself. Sorry for your loss.

Sorry to hear of your loss. Every one we lose takes a little bit of us with them...but they leave even more behind!
I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember when I had to put Nija down. She was my Siberian Husky of 6 years. She had kidney failure and I held her in my arms when she died. So I have somewhat of an idea what you must be going through. It looks like Jack had a great life with you and he looks like a very sweet and lovable dog/companion. I know that when Nija passed away a part of me died with her and she left a part of her with me. That was 14 years ago and there isn't day I don't think of her.

The last act of love that you can do for your companion is make that decision. No words will take away whatever pain you are feeling, but know that Jack had a great life and he was good for you just as much as you were for him.

Again I'm so very sorry to hear this.
Been there. It's one of the hardest things that we do.

Hang in there.
So sorry to hear this. Pets can be better than a lot of people. So hard to say goodbye when the time comes. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I type this.
Sorry for your loss
Jake looks like a wonderful friend
Our Lucy is (to us) absolutely the best doggie in the world, she's 8.
I am dreading the day.
Thank you everyone. I don't have any children, so Jack was like a son to me. All of the comments from each of you has meant so much. Thank you.
Such a sweet pup. I'm sorry for your loss. Dogs are one of the best things to happen to humans.
Aww man. I'm sorry to hear that.
When a person passes, it is tough, but there is something about an animal that for me just makes it even more emotional and tough.
There are really are not words to make sense of it, so I'll just add my condolences.
My old and now diabetic Charlie Dog will not last forever, even though I am just as caring as I can be when it comes to doing everything on time for her, so every day is a gift and treated as such.
I feel your pain, brother, I really do. I still miss my Tillie. My current dog Lexi is 14 now, and not doing so well. I fear soon I'll have to make the dreaded decision. I tear up just thinking about it.



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My Belle is close to 15, maybe over (she was adopted with age unknown 12.5 years ago). This is a tough thread, but grieving well is important.
What can be said at a time like this? Our pets are our kids with an added benefit: they don't leave home and love us unconditionally from beginning to end.
Clearly Jack gave more than he took, like all good friends. For that you are (and should be) grateful. He is waiting, most likely with a ball or stick for you to toss. No hurry, he'll wait.
Love to you and Cari. See you soon
Aw man. Sorry. Such short lives all out of proportion to how large of love and relationship they give.
I am so sorry,,
He isn't hurting or ill anymore..
He's waiting for you with his favorite toys...
My wife Sandy and I ( and all of our family ) had Yorkies,, they live a relatively time...
The last one went at a bad time for other, unrelated reasons...
It hit us both so bad that we said never again...
2 years later we got a bird...
I still think it's kinda selfish,, but he will out live both of us....
Never again.....
Ryan,, I am truly so sorry....

I feel you, and I truly sympathize. A couple different people have asked me about the dog I have as my avatar. That was Mae, my female, brindle, Bullmastiff. We got her from a breed rescue when he was about 15 months old. Last fall she developed Lymphoma, and on December 5th I had to put her down- one month shy of her 9th birthday. It was time, but man, it sucked and continues to suck. Best dog I ever had...just a big, loveable lug. People were intimidated by her appearance, but she would more likely than not give you a smell and then make you rub her belly. I miss her every day.

Thanks again everyone. What sucks the most is knowing that I did the right thing, but wishing like hell that I could hold that face again, kiss that nose again and tell him I love him. But it is nice that exactly 24 hours after his time on Earth was through, he was returned to me. He is back home now and will be with us forever. ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1495581057.640806.jpg
why are you so convinced yu'll see your deceased pets again
why are you so convinced yu'll see your deceased pets again

On any other thread, I'd ask you who the hell do you think you are and tell you that you're a POS. But I won't do that on this thread.
Man that's rough been there done that. Both these guys gone but not forgotten. They had a wonderful long life and made us so happy to have been a part of it.

"If all dogs don't go to heaven I want to go where they went."