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Jun 14, 2009
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Hey all! Back from a long time away...

Any idea from anyone around here what happened with This gmail domain was free as part of testing out the new gmail service many years back, and I've had my [email protected] since day1...

Wednesday of last week I lost the ability to send/receive emails to that account, though I can still log into it at the Gmail portal.

Anyone know anything? Anyone else use it/ever use it? Any ideas?

Thanks, Jerry
$ whois
Thomas Rau ([email protected])

Record expires on Jun 3 2009.

Sadly, Thomas passed away last year...
sad news..!! I've had this account and used it heavily since it started
I couldn't figure out why It quit working all of a sudden. I've been going crazy untill I found this message , thanks for the info.

Is there any way to revive or save this account ...I have years of email archived in there !