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Does anyone have a set that they would be interested in parting with? Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!
We played with the official version when I was a kid, then iterated to Craftsman screwdrivers over the power line. Eventually, we migrated to duct tape drag race and creeper drag race in the garage in winter.

Not sure how i have all my fingers and toes.

FYI, I attempted to build a model rocket kit based on the Jart design. Nothing slid back and fourth, but the shape was pretty scale-like. I always had trouble ejecting the streamer that was cram-packed into the front section, but I'm sure a competition rocketeer would have 100% successful deploy. They flew straight, but suffered damage on recovery. Given the lack of interest and the cost to produce, I bailed on the project, but if you want to build one, I might be able to cut the fins and send you a nosecone if you supply the rest of the parts.

FYI, I am NO Where near this FAT anymore ! But here is my Playa Dart. That is a LOC kraft tube into the Playa that was driven by a J350. Battery on altimeter failure caused this failing to lite e-match. Data was still in the chip however.

ACME Fin Can , No Joke

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I saw them when I was a kid but never played with them.

What we did though- we had kid-sized bows and arrows. We would shoot the arrows up in the air and wait for them to come back down. Why do you not realize how stupid this can be until you get older?