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Jan 7, 2004
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I bought this kit on eBay back in October. I started it at Christmas time. It was a challenge. Although I like Star Trek and I like this model I have no desire to build the companion Klingon Cruser. Maybe next year I'll feel up-to-the-challenge.

I'm very happy with the results. My discovery of SHUR Stik featherweight spackling has really helped this model to hide the plastic seems and edges. Great stuff I can't say enough about it. I'll post the info on that in the technique section of TRF.

I just bought B6-3's today to try it out at the next oportunity... Yes I have to fly it once or it wouldn't be a rocket!

The 'stability rod' (parachute bay) is not shown. That will be in the launch photo later!
It looks great. I've never seen one actually fly before, can't wait to see the launch pic !
Does this rocket use any kind of clear plastic stabilizer fins? (Edit: Oops! I just reread your post. It does use a stability pod.)

Very nice! Nice detail work on the misc. coloring pieces. I bet some Trekkie fan might think it's just a prop on your desk to which you could say, "Wanna really see it go into warp speed?" :D
Geez, Yes I did intend to type C6-3's to be used on this model. It's the only recomended motor for flying this.

Thanks for pointing that out n3tjm.

Sounds like actual experience. Am I going to burn up the body of the enterprise when I launch?' on Scotty...I neeed moooree!

(Scottish accent) I'm givin' you all she's got cap'n! The warp drive's on the blink....someone loaded up the dilithium crystals with some B6-3...
VERY nice! Now I'm going to have to find the 1701 and Klingon kits. I've wanted one of each for a while, just been lazy :D

Had anyone tried a D21 for the Enterprise or Klingon ship?

Great finishing job,
Excellent work! It looks like the old AMT kit. Here's hoping you don't experience a warp core breach. :)
Originally posted by Manwithbeers
Sounds like actual experience. Am I going to burn up the body of the enterprise when I launch?

When I flew mine, the exhaust did scorch the top of the "Engineering Hull", It did fly better than expected, nice and straight boost, but "cracked" a Warp Nacelle mount when it landed. That has been my one and only flight with it. Mine was an original 1976-77 model that I started back then, glued the hulls together, and finally finished in the early 90's. As I am an original series fan, I still think it looks good on display. Here is a link to mine on my web site, when I get a chance I will update to a true picture, instead of a thumbnail.

Happy Flying! and Yours looks great by the way!
Great Job on the detailing!

I got 2 flights out of my Enterprise and like Doug mentioned both flights were large arcs. light Winds may be the reason.
the First flight lightly scorched the parts on the plyon and engineering deck. on the second flight also on a C6-3 the chute probe crimped at the connection with the saucer section, burned though the tube and my bird to this day looks very much like the aftermath of the battle with Khun! You will like the Klingon curser It flys a bit better:) Hope you have better luck with your USS Enterprise flight! Warp Speed:D
A bit off topic, but...

Mikey, looking at your website (and the 1701-E photo) reminded me of the X-wing I had years ago, and the massive CATO it had. Very much like Darth Vader hit it amidships. :eek:

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