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Jan 18, 2009
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Here is the latest additions to the fleet, the silver one is frm JimZ web site, it's called 1940 Exploratory Planetary Cargo Ferry. It's made from a 9 1/2" bt-50 and a short bt-60 a couple of shrouds printed in 110lb card stock, and some launch lugs to "simulate" a Radium power rocket tube tail. It has large fins with "wing tip landing shocks" for stable boosts and three point landings! Classic sci-fi! On Jimz's wed stie click on "Estes DOM" It's got a lot of great rockets to build. The other is a SCUD with a "roll yer own nose cone" I built it with an 18mm motor, in hind sight (always 20-20) I wish I'd used a 13mm motor. Hmmmm, another excuse to built one more! Here they are, be kind! :D
both very cool, I like how the first one is like a body tube in shape
Sweet Exploratory Planetary Cargo Ferry rocket. I recall seeing plans for this rocket in an early 90's Estes Model Rocket News. MRN was awesome. I absolutely drooled over these magazines whenever I would receive one in the mail. Those were the days... :(