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Sep 10, 2009
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While digging in the garage today, I came across a box. This box had an address label which had the words "Happy Anniversary" along with an address. Not being married, I knew this was not MY anniversary, so I opened the box.

Peering inside, I found two bags. One was a 3rd Anniversary Deuce's Wild kit (with the Tour de Deuce front panel) and the free UFFO kit that came with it during that celebration. I knew I had ordered from Fliskits before, and this was what I had "misplaced" and "stored". Tonight I put the UFFO together, and I'm going to take it out to launch tomorrow, weather permitting.

These things have been sitting for 4 years now, waiting their turn. One of them is up for action tomorrow, and the other one will be ready soon.

Again, great kits, Jim!
Took a pic of the completed caffeinated cup-saucer.

The UFFO is a fun rocket that attracts a lot of attention (launch in dead calm :) ) and the Deuce's Wild is a classic performer that just seems to grab rocketeers and not let'em go :)

Glad you found them and can get'em into the air where they belong!

keep us posted on the first flights.
Jim, unfortunately I did not take wind into consideration, and the UFFO went up about 30 feet, then immediately took a nose dive into the field. I had to pick mud and turf from the top of the motor tube. It was quite a spectacular crash, with foam flying in different directions. I'll need to rebuild it and send it up again, only this time when there really is no wind!

But, the second Deuce I bought, the first I've built, flew nicely, once both motors lit. The first flight ended rather quickly, when only one motor ignited. There is a video of that flight posted in the "This might be FUN" thread in the Electronics sub-forum.