K motor in a PML 4" Amraam?

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Nov 18, 2014
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Denver, CO
My brother has a PML 4" Amraam with a 54mm MMT. He's only flown it on 38mm motors, and it's flown well.
My question is, with it having a 54mm MMT, I'm guessing it can handle K motors, right?
Have a K805G, and might give it a go, but we want your thoughts first.
And, what altitude would you expect it to go on a K805G?

Which version of the AMRAAM 4 is it? There's the old phenolic (the one I have), the newer quantum tubing/plastic one, and fiberglassed Phenolic. I think the lower impulse K would do OK as you'd stay slow enough, but you are likely looking at 5500' or so... maybe more depending on the weight. With them glassed it can be done...
Stock PML 4 Amraam + K805 = Guaranteed deconstruction before motor burnout.

Otherwise known as trash bag recovery.:y:
PML has this sheet describing more enthusiastic motors:


They also have rocksim models that you could plug that motor into and see what kind of altitude to expect. Since it was most likely built without any of the enhancements that PML suggests, I would expect it would "handle" the K805 for maybe a couple seconds at most before reverting to kit form and recovery as Jim described above.