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Sofiane larbi

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Nov 16, 2019
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Hello All,
I wanted to share an opportunity to come on as an advisor or mentor to an NYC based aerospace nonprofit. We have divisions at 12 schools/universities in the NYC metro area, and work with talented young engineers to develop aerospace projects. Many of the students working with us are very talented, and some have worked professionally in aerospace engineering at NASA and other companies. We have a high power rocketry division, and we would love it if someone in the area would be willing to serve as an advisor. If you are interested but do not live in the NYC Area, we would still love to have you be a remote mentor. You would give student engineers advice on technical problems, safety issues, and regulations. It would be by no means a burdening task, I think you will have a lot of fun!
If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]
Sofiane Larbi
Hi there,

I had a short look at your website and your goals. Some small notes on my side:

1. Based on some quick research, it appears that none of you are 18 or older. As far as HPR rocketry goes, you are asking someone to take on a lot of legal liability, especially with your stated goal of reaching 100k (and other things mentioned below).
2. Your webpage shows you making rocket motors with a dowel, PVC, and a hammer. I'm going to assume that these are based on the King of Random youtube vidoes. Please note that this is not a good way to make rocket motors, especially repeatable ones. Also motors made with PVC cases are not allowed by any of the national organizations for several reasons.
3. Your stated goal "We will also make guidance software to allow our rockets to act as missiles or launch projectiles accurately like ICMBs." is going to drive everyone away except for your new friends in the FBI. I don't want to be a jerk about it- but do your parents know about this?

My 5c of advice- find a local NAR or Tripoli club (I'm sure there are several near NYC) and work with someone there. You'll find people who are happy to help you with some more realistic goals that don't involve black helicopters flying over your house at 3am.

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