I'm well and I hope everyone is too!

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Mar 18, 2015
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Hi everyone,
I heard that some were asking about me and sorry for being incommunicado for a while, but I'm doing well. Thanks for everyone's concern and sorry for my absence!

There are a lit of reasons, including:
  • Work has been a frustrating nightmare
  • Feeling bummed about a family situation
  • Summer trips and such.
  • Lots of other things going on as well as other hobbies... my obsessiveness doesn't help lol (being honest)
  • truth is that I'm also not sure why
One possibility is that I got a bit burned out. I honestly feel rocketry is the funnest and most awarding hobby I've ever experienced and being ocd (self-diagnosed), it can feel like a drug and afterwards sometimes I need a break. Strange and hard to explain.

However, I'm very much looking forward to returning soon. Until then, take care and be safe everyone!

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I was nice running into you at METRA, and your X-15 was really really nice.... I am so jealous!
Hey there good buddy! It was great seeing you there too! (Wait... which one was you? :p)

It was 50/50 whether I would attend the last launch given life and work both got crazy, but in the end I decided to commit to it.

I waffled on the X-15 since I hadn't flown it for a while and wanted to overhaul some things and fix others such as my wifi switch saying the Main charge isn't connected when it is (plus I forgot to bring the tracking receiver... again 🤦‍♂️) and I was worried given it was likely its 13th flight! 😬

Still, being out there with SO MANY great, nice and supportive fellow rocketeers reminded me of why I love this hobby so much. 😃

Thanks for the warm welcome backs everyone! 🤝❤️
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Glad to hear you're well. I can relate to getting stressed out at work. Things have been crazy the last 2 months for me as well.
Sorry to hear about things being crazy for you as well! For me right now what's keeping me going is that the job pays well and I'm looking forward to buying more rocket stuff very soon! ;)
Glad you are well, Ken!

Welcome back!!
Thanks Mugs! 😃