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Jan 17, 2009
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I placed an order with UMRS late the other night. Two nights ago, and it was very very late when I posted the order.

Today there was a box on my doorstep.

The order was accurate and complete. Packaging was effective (I must say, even if I hate 'em, those little white expanded styrene foam squiggles sure do the job) and contents came through perfectly.

I received my order in little more than one day.


Everybody, throw together an order for UMRS and let's see if we can catch him at a slow delivery!
UMRS has a couple goodies on their website that I would like to point out are quite useful for gap-staging applications.

On the main page, scroll down some and click on the profile picture of the King Tiger that is marked "Blitz Sale"

Right in the middle of the page there are "heavy duty" BT20-equivalent tubes with the same ID and OD as "regular" BT20. They are made of a tough black paper/glue combo (like the stuff some manufacturers use for stage couplers)

UMRS doesn't advertise this, but this type of tubing could be just the ticket for anyone wanting to have a stuffer tube for gap staging. This tubing looks tougher and looks like it should stand up better (than regular cardboard BT20) to damage from hot staging ignition gas. If you have an 18mm motor mount you could just glue in a thrust ring and leave an extended length of this tube to reach to the upper stage motor. If you have a 24mm motor mount you could use a CR2050 for a thrust ring and then glue in an extended length of this tube that fits inside the thrust ring and keeps the staging gas contained and hot over longer gap staging distances. An 18 inch length goes for a dollar. I grabbed a couple dozen, while UMRS has them in stock.

And UMRS has another part useful for gap staged designs, over on the page marked Engine Mount Accessories, Hooks, Tubes, Clip Whips. Click over to that page and scroll most of the way down, to where there is an item marked Empty Engine Casings. These are 18mm OD and 2.75 inches long, but they aren't actually thick enough to use for motor casings. Instead, they would make an excellent liner to glue in place right in front of an 18mm thrust ring, to protect and reinforce a stuffer tube between 18mm motors. You could stack several together for a longer stuffer tube. You get six pieces for a dollar.