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Dr. Don

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Aug 23, 2001
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Well... I was really worked up over the new Hobby Lobby that just opened close by...... I made sure to rush right over to check out all the cool rocket stuff based on the RAVE reviews from all
you HL fans.... I am sad to report that this particular HL is a GRAVE disappointment in rocket terms. The sparse display of
Estes stuff was limited and overpriced.
I will continue to patronise my Hobby Town USA for now.
I'll check out Hobby Lobby every once in a while in the hopes
they will evolve......... Dr Don
I'm with ya there.
When a Micheals opened up about a year ago, i did the same thing. NO ROCKETS. I asked the lady and she told me I would have to go to the store 20 miles away. Gee...thanks.:kill:
we have a Hobby Lobby opening soon ,a few miles from my house

I hope they stock up on rockets!

the local michaels won't carry rockets,and hobbytown has mabey 5 total to choose from...all the aerotech motors they had were
the discontinued B6 reloads,and D13's,,I talked them down to $3 a pack...
Dr. Don...
I'm by no means a spokesperson for HL but, check their website regularly, (Hobby Lobby) as they have 1/2 off sales on rockets and supplies quite often.

We took a ride down to the one in fair view heights yesterday. They certianly weren't overstocked .. but they had a couple of decent models. Not too much in the way of engines thats for sure!
Then we went accross the street to Micheals and it was even worse! lol

We decided to come home and finish painting the ones we were working on.

Where is the Hobby Town Usa your talking about? We'll have to check it out.

The relatively new(less than 1 yr old) HL in clarksville,IN across the river from Lousiville,Ky has a really good selection of both Estes and surprising Quest model rockets. They also had a fair to good selection of model rocket engines by Estes....Now all I need is a 50% off coupon for engines.....
Originally posted by shockwaveriderz
Now all I need is a 50% off coupon for engines.....
Don't hold your breath on that one shockie. ;)
Basic simple directions:
270 north to Manchester Road
Go west- down the big hill past Barret station. About a 1/2 mile up on the right is a shopping center complex with a Home Depot , Wally World & etc. The Hobbytown USA is on the right by the Office Max. They Have AEROTECH Kits!!!!!They have tons of Estes moters, but their AT motors are currently limited. Just wait until the April 2- day launch at Ellsberry, and GIANT LEAP will be there with enough stuff to send you to at least a double mortgage!!!! I'm thinking of selling the 2nd car, cashing in the 401K, closing the savings account...................Dr Don
Hobby Lobby isn't usually the cheapest place to buy rockets full price, but they're not horrible either. The key is, like Stones said, to catch them on their 50% off sale, which happens every couple of months (more often if you print the web coupon). To get a deal on motors, though, you'll have to be like Stones and haul the manager over to con him into a volume discount (Stones won't have to buy another composite motor till either he certs for HPR or 2020, whichever comes first).
Originally posted by KermieD
To get a deal on motors, though, you'll have to be like Stones and haul the manager over to con him into a volume discount
Easy there fella. Buying motors for cheap is the name of the game! Especially when the store "manager" has a sign on the shelf that says, "buy 1 reload, get 1 free". Sheesh! ;)