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Sep 17, 2004
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Hello ,

My son and I have been doing rockets for 2 weeks now, and we are having a great time . We have a Max Trax,Cosmic Cobra,Big Rage,E-Z payloader, and a Icarus.We have flown the Max trax and the Cosmic Cobra, when we flew the cobra we burnt up the shoot.But still was fun.Just got finished building the Big Rage.
We look foward to learning alot from all of you!

Thank You for having such a great place.
Welcome to TRF. There are lots of helpful folks here!

Are you anywhere near Quincy?

Hi Skye,
Welcome aboard.
You and your son have taken up one of the greatest hobbies in the world.
Looking forward to hearing more from your experiences.
Which Icarus do you have?
My daughter has the Quest version and it is a great flier.
I am Tom the father my son is Skye.I am doing the writing on here.The Icarus I have is a Quest Model it is 31 in tall and isa payloader.
We sure are glad you chose to join in, and look forward to lots of future posts (and pix?) from you.

In no time at all, you are going to be one of the experienced 'old timers' here on TRF answering questions from the 'new guys'!
Tom: Welcome! You will enjoy this forum... I have only been here for a short time myself, but have found it very helpful.

Rocketry is something my son and I have been doing together for about 10 years - he's 16 now. I feel fortunate that he enjoys doing things like this with me.

How old is Skye? (btw - a Scottish connection?)
Tom, on behalf of the moderators, WELCOME TO TRF! If you have any questions about the Forum or anything else rocketry related, please feel free to send us a Private Message or Email and one of us will get back with you right away. We're a family friendly forum so we encourage all ages and levels of participation.

Once again, welcome to rocketry and to "The Rocketry Forum."
Originally posted by Skye
I am Tom the father my son is Skye.I am doing the writing on here.The Icarus I have is a Quest Model it is 31 in tall and isa payloader.

Welcome, Tom and Skye. Glad to have you.

I really like the Icarus. It's a great bird. I lost the top and so I gave someone the bottom for a project they were doing. But I'll be getting anohter. Looks good, flies good.
Welcome! Yeah, sounds like your getting into rockets great! :cool:

My wife keeps rolling her eyes because, I too, have started back into rockets whole heartedly and whole pocketly!:D

Watch that credit card - it can get you into trouble quick! Most every day I have to resist the urge to buy another rocket! I keep telling my wife, you need lotsa rockets because they're always in different stages of being - ordered, building, painting, flyable, repair work... She just rolls her eyes again!

Have fun guys, be safe.
Welcome to model rocketry and welcome to TRF. You and Skye are going to like it here :)

We have a full range of age groups (10 and up, I would guess) and we all act appropriately in this place (something you don't see often enough on the web)

If you have any questions at all, feel free to post, but WARNING... ...more often than not you may find you get more information than you ever thought possible :) (this is a good thing :) )

Yes, you're going to learn a BUNCH from this forum! I remember starting out and not knowing the difference between composite and black powder motors!

Welcome Skye and Tom!

I introduced my son (he's nine) to rocketry this past spring break (I'd been
flying most of my life until about 1990). His first rocket was a MaxTrax
starter kit and he loves it. The Estes Blue Ninja is a great 'big' rocket for that
age too.

When you're done building all the Estes kits from your local WalMart, let
me suggest a FlisKits!

Also, watch for the 50% off coupons at Michaels. That makes the bulk pak
of 24 Estes motors about $1.00 each. Hard to beat!

As everyone else has said- feel free to ask questions and post pictures of
your next launch!
Welcome Tom and Skye...I'm in the forum just 2 months but all these folks make you feel right at home on the rocket range. Follow the code, build em' launch em' have fun!

I forget....

Why am I here?? :p

Hey Tom & Skye:

Never forget that we're all in this for the "thrills", the "fun", and the "joy."

And - if that's the *true* goal (whether it be acheived by your first successrul launch, a beautifully completed scale model project, a certification to launch bigger and more powerful rockets, or anything else) - it is truly no wonder that we all find something to gain in each other's successes and something to mourn and remember when we learn something "the hard way".

Welcome to our on-line "family" - and we look forward to learning from, sharing in, and just plain enjoying this fine hobby with you.

Welcome aboard! This forum is one of the best resources for model rocketry on the web. You even get to hear from owners of model rocket manufacturers like FlisKits, Thrustline, and Squirrelworks.

Hi, Tom!

I've been flying rockets since early June, so you're not far behind me. Actually, it sounds like you've already built more rockets than I have! :)

Welcome to TRF. This is really a great place, and people will gladly answer and questions you have, or give you whatever feedback you ask for.

Also, post pictures whenever you can!
Hi Skye & TOM! welcome to the forum! I am a BAR(born again rocketter!) & with my son, we both enjoy the hobby very much! You will find all sorts of help & info here! Enjoy!
Hi Guys!
Another one bitten by the bug...HARD!!!
It's great wholesome fun. I have only been flying a little over a year and I'm working on getting my Level 1 High Power certificate. Just wait until you see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

You'll love it here. There's a wealth of information as well as very nice folks who are always ready to answer your questions. Enjoy!


"One, Two, Five!!"
Although I am new here myself, Welcome to the forums!

As I was once told by a member of the club I belong to...."Welcome to the club, now get out your wallet"


stop into chat once in awhile... fun stuff always going on in there

--your friendly neighborhood feral creature.