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Apr 1, 2009
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Blackwell, TX
Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I've been lurking for a while and decided to make a post. I'm a 47 year old kid<g> and BAR, making a return to rocketry about a year ago and having a great time. I just returned from NSL in Hearne where I was successful in my Level one attempt with a 3" scratch built project. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing info with all of you guys.

Jim Ballard
Odessa Tx
NAR 83161
Hey Jim,

Welcome to TRF. Congrats on the Level 1 Certification at NSL...I probably saw your flight.

If you've been lurking, you already know that this is a fun place to waste time.

Welcome to the forum and remember, to appease the Demi-rocket gods here, post plenty of pics - else they might send Speed, Vinnie and Knuckles to rough you up..8)

Firstly, congrats on the level 1 ! Secondly , this is a excellent place to come if your a BAR , enjoy :p
Thanks guys for the welcome, John I bet you did see the flight. It went off about 11:00 sat morning...wanted to get it out of the way so I could relax a little bit, I was a bundle of nerves. This was my first reload too (H128)...A lot of firsts that day!

I think I'm gonna like this place, nothing I'd rather do than talk rockets!

Welcome aboard and Congratulations on your L1.
If you like to talk rockets you have certainly come to the right place.
And...here's one after all the paper work was done and signed.

Note the writing on the black recovery section. I had all the guys that helped me get there sign in a silver sharpie.
welcome back to rocketry and to TRF! Glad you're active here now, there's always room for more :)

I made a point of stoping and watching when ever there was a cert flight. Not sure if I got them all, but I tried. Congrats on your cert and congrats on surviving the heat! :)

Congrats on the cert flight...not a real big rocket that thing must have scooted up there pretty good.... and pretty high..

Rocket looks real nice too.. again congrats.......and welcome to high power...
Thanks Jason, actually this rocket is quite heavy for it's size. It's made from a heavy walled mailing tube with a wall thickness of .108 with an anti-zipper/ejection baffle incorporated in the design. Since it's an odd size tubing, I couldn't find a N/C commercialy available to fit, so I had to turn one from basswood and then hollowed it out. On top of all this...I tend to overbuild, so the finished wieght, ready to fly on an H128 was right at 3 pounds. It was a perfect combination for my cert flight to about 1300'. It was very windy at NSL on Sat and Sun so it worked out great.

I've been to your website several times, Awsome site! I'm working on my own site as well, hope it turns out half as nice as yours.

BTW I'm a career firefighter too!