HARA launch tomorrow???

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Jan 18, 2009
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Just checking ...
Can anyone reply as to whether or not the scheduled 11/29 HARA launch is still on for tomorrow???

We're considering driving up to check it out...As opposed to the TV stuff...the wife would like to be pesent for a "real" launch...

Might it be possible to fly some low power ships???

Thanks in Advance....!!!


At last report, the launch was still a go.

Originally posted by Johnnierkt

At last report, the launch was still a go.


Thanks alot...!!! Might you be there?
you can't here it my voice, but I have been sick since Wed. night, and now I have laringitis (sp) so I believe I will sit this last dance out...

good luck tomorrow...

Johnnie Paul
Hope you get over it soon Johnnie. This flu mess hit me on the way home from the Bluesrocks launch Saturday. I was down for a couple of days with a high fever, but am now in the coughing hacking and swearing stage of it :). The whole family has had it. Stewart, head north. You'll have fun and get to meet some great folks.
I'm in the hacking and swearing stage for sure...

It all started when I got this urge to order some Fliskits product...I ordered 2 more kit today, the new "Tres" to be exact. When I come up to Manchester, we will have drag our Deuces...

Johnnie Paul