EVENT Launch at Spaceport Oklahoma, Tripoli Oklahoma, 10/30

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Mar 21, 2011
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Tripoli Oklahoma is proud to announce an off-schedule launch at Spaceport Oklahoma (Clinton-Sherman Airport). This is a new launch site for us. It has the advantage of being slightly closer to Oklahoma City, and offers wide open areas not enclosed by fences. The disadvantage is that we're setting up on the far side of an airport, and there will be no conveniences (no running water, no electricity, no toilets). There is a convenience store in nearby Burns Flat.

Launch opens at 10:00 am and can last as late as 5:00pm. We can handle anything up to an "M" motor, please notify the prefect ahead of time if you plan on launching anything bigger. Our upper limit is 16,500 AGL. Featherweight trackers for loan. Got a motor that will reverse the rotation of the Earth? Bring it! Only fly mod rocks? You're welcome, too! (We ask that you not launch using sparky motors, however - this is our first time here, so we need to check conditions first).

Location: West of Burns Flat, OK. Follow I-40 to the Foss exit, mile 53. Turn South on Hwy 44. Travel aprox. 6 miles to State Road East 1140, turn left. Don't enter Burns Flat, you've gone too far. About 2 1/4 miles from the turn is a gate on the left (South) side of the road. This is our entry. The gate code will be emailed to TOK members - or contact the Prefect if you're not a club member. Please look at maps on linked page. We're setting up on the circular area on the West side of the airport (on the opposite side of the runway from the hangers and buildings. Please stay off of runways, this is an active airport (not everyone reads NOTAMs).

The weather is forecast to be *amazing*, low winds, but cold in the morning (low 50's at launch open).

There is a possibility we may have to relocate the launch in case of emergency. I will post an update here if that happens.

Link to maps and instructions: https://www.tripolioklahoma.org/html/Maps/mapsg.html

Contact info for the Prefect is on our main web page; https://www.tripoliolkahoma.org
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