Great, This Is Just The Kind of Lunacy We Need Right Now

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I'll say!!!

I think we oughtta gather up every copy of that book and burn them in a huge bonfire!!!

With all the regs imposed on rocketry today, we really don't need this crap!!!:mad:

Besides, why would you want to blow up a rocket that you built???:rolleyes:
ATF is not stupid enough to try to use "what if" scenarios based on loony books like this to try to make their case. They have ample data in the own database.
Holy Cow!!!

"By modifying and adapting the engines and rockets, it's possible to create short and medium range surface to surface and surface to air missiles for some serious fun!"

I hope it was a very limited publishing run on this book. I would love to know who the "Dangerous Rocket Club" is.......
I own a copy which I bought as a lark. What it really is all about is a rather tasteless joke. the bulk of what he writes about is gibberish, and the few things that might actually work would only be tried by a Darwin Award finalist,

If you are into mildly twisted humor, the dangerous rocket code is kind of amusing.

It really is sort of a parody of the Handbook. Pre 9/11 nobody would have noticed.
it has been around a while, I remember seeing it on amazon atleast 3 yrs ago, when you search for 'model rocket' it pops up unfortunately.
Like Hospital: I bought a copy on a lark about 6 years ago, to see what these nuts were up to.
it was/is an eye opener...Nothing new but should help explain some of the things people on the outside of the hobby think. While this guy is and always has been WAY out there, don't think for a moment a lot of this junk don't work, and hasn't been tried. many unfortunately have been and do. Darwin award finialist or not there are a lot of "them crazies" out there.
It was my hope this goofball pamphlet would have disappeared by now:(

I did think the Heat Seeking Missile appendix I, was a hoot:D
At the risk of sounding like some kind of an elitist snob (which I probably am anyway), the very idea of the intelligence levels of the people 'out there' is enough to cause lost sleep.

Now, about the people in here . . .
I actually saw this book sitting on a shelf at a local library. I don't think the librarians ever opened it up to see what's inside.

The book is still available through Amazon at a price way cheaper than what's being asked on ebay.
Just points up all the more the need for NAR to do public relations things: displays in stores/libraries, sponsorship of TARC teams, school programs, etc.
From the Amazon review:
"Anybody reading this book stupid enough to follow any of its suggestions is likely to either blow their own head off or end up in jail on terrorism charges."

If there is some dimwit terrorist of someone looking to cause harm, maybe this book would do more good than bad.

I'm more afraid of some bleeding heart, over zealot, politician reading it than a terrorist.
i saw that same piece of krap at a gun show . i informed the seller that the modifications shown would probably result in the person either going to the hospital or to prison for 20 yrs . he picked up the books and put them back in a box, stateing that he was sending them back to the distributer. this was 10-12 yrs ago.
same **** book.