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Feb 26, 2009
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It's a bit hard to find on the aerotech web site, so I thought I'd provide some info on the delay kits for the new Aerotech G79W reload for the 29/120 case.

G79W-S Use RDK-03PLUS (about 6 seconds)
G79W-M Use RDK-05PLUS (about 10 seconds)
G79W-L Use RDK-07PLUS (about 14 seconds)
These came from Aerotech's latest RDK Instructions.

IMO, these delays are too long for a G motor. With these RDKs, AT has copied the delays for the H128 & H180 which have similar burn times as the G79 but with much greater total impulse.

I'd recommend that AT consider making the G79W-M delay be closer to 7 seconds.

-- Jim

P.S., FYI, the 29/120 case is incompatible with the consumer 29/40-120 case.
Yea, I agree. I liked the -4, -7, -10 options for the G80 better. Especially the -4. It is clear that they reused existing delays.