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FS: Hypertek Motors

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Mar 23, 2009
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I have for sale ($200 and I pay shipping to CONUS):

(1) Hypertek Standard J 440 cc 54mm Motor with Injector Bell and SS flame shield + 4 orifices. Flown once.

(1) Hypertek Standard J 835 cc 54mm Motor with Injector Bell and SS flame shield + 2 orifices. Flown 5 times. This is not the Hammerhead 835.

(3) Hypertek J grain (HT-J-FG)
With 440 cc tank makes I260, J115, J170, J250​
With 835 cc tank makes J317, K240​

(1) Custom adaptor for AT 54mm motor cases so you can use the HT tanks with your own fuel grains (possibly EX usage)

marksaunders AT cox DOT net
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I found 2 more J fuel grains. The offer now includes 3 (non FX) J fuel grains, a $90 value.

Remember, this package new is $470 and it can be yours for $200.