FlisKits: New NSL version of the Caution Rocket!

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Jan 17, 2009
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We're getting down to the wire! Even more so for FlisKits as we are leaving Monday the 24th for the 3-day drive to Texas to visit with my wife's sister in San Antonio for a couple of days before the big event.

In getting ready for all of the fun, we've come up with yet ANOTHER way you can participate in the NSL fun by providing a custom set of skins for the CAUTION: Rocket Launch In Progress, specifically designed to match the decor selected by the NSL committee.

Check it out at: https://fliskits.com/products/rocketkits/kit_detail/nsl04_caution_rocket.htm

Build one for yourself, build one for a friend, introduce a youngster to rocketry AND the NAR with this free kit. Join us at NSL, even if only in spirit, with your own little piece of NSL for your very own! :)
Good Grief Jim....

I've got 3 rockets on the building board right now trying to get ready for NSL. Now you post this one....and it looks GREAT!

Looks like I'd better print out a few for the kids. (I wonder if I can find red/white/blue crepe paper at Wal-Mart?)

Thanks....can't wait to get there and meet all the TRF'ers.


Print it out with the instructions and whip it together at the hotel! Great rocket to build while relaxing in front of the tv :)