First 2004 CMASS LAUNCH!!!

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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA

Olga might go to this launch! I hope she does go :). Always fun sharing these things with a friend. I have to drive out-of-the-way to Manchester to pick her up, but I don't mind ;). She is worth the drive in my opinion

I got so many things in the works to fly :)

Fliskits Preator
Fliskits Richter Recker
Sandman Mini Ranger, (I might have the other three kits built by then too)
Neubauer Super Tube
Gardei Titan
Semroc Sky Hook
Semroc Hydra VII

And of course... I have some of the regulars to fly, like the Magnum with a J and 2 H's. :D

Hope you guys have agood weather and a good time...oh, and you missed a smiley :D

Glad to see we're back to flying weather! :)

Schedule permitting, i'll be there with bells on!

well, maybe not *bells*....
Oh come on Jim! I'll give ya five bucks in Flisbucks if ya do it! Oh, wait...that's kinda pointless, ain't it? Ok, then. I triple double dog cat cow whistle dare you to do it! That's a dare you can't break!!

:D :D :D

Once again, I cluelessly say "huh?"

I am not learned in clothing, so whats a "bell". "bell bottoms"? Or does this have something to do with wedding bells?:eek: :p Im clueless. Point me in the right direction.:rolleyes:

I am soooooo exited about the next launch... I am going to have a ton of chutese to sell, a ton of rockets to fly, a ton of motors to burn and a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA TO TAKE PICS WITH!:cool:
Originally posted by Neil
Once again, I cluelessly say "huh?"

I am not learned in clothing, so whats a "bell". "bell bottoms"? Or does this have something to do with wedding bells?:eek: :p Im clueless. Point me in the right direction.:rolleyes:

It is a saying a bit older than you...

It refers to actually wearing little bells, like a jester would, to get attention. The idiom means to show up and be ready to have a great time.

Gee, you can learn anything on this forum. :)
Oh. Now I get it.:rolleyes: Took me a while....:eek: :rolleyes: :confused:

Yes, you CAN learn pretty much anything here.... :rolleyes: :cool: ;)
THis launch should be a good time. Cant wait to get some birds in the air (like my V2 and maybe some others depending on motors) and see some rocketry buddies
Your launching your V2? I cant wait to see that... What motor?

Ill have a few G64s I might launch if the weathers perfect, but otherwise I plan on flying an E16 or two, and maybe that F25.... Then maybe an F21.... Anyone want to trade me something for an E15-4W?:D ;) I have two of those....:D If the weather aint perfect, Ill try and trade one or two of those G64s to doug....;) :cool: I wonder how many magnelites I could get for a G64-10W... I *AM* low on ignitors.... If I make enough money selling chutes, I will buy a few Fliskits kits... I have been wanting a Ritcher Recker for the longest time... I wonder if Jim will be there. He better.... OR ELSE! (j/k).

Oh man, I cant wait! Does anyone have any Is or Js planned? I dont want to launch any more HPR at Amesbury.... Especially after I almost lost ryans reload case last year in my V2!:eek: Sad to say I cant launch the V2 again... I dont have a motor. Pout. I cant wait for the next Cherryfield launch.... I can fly my Raptor, my MB1, my ASP, my EVERYTHING! OK. Im drooling all over the keyboard. i should stop before this thing shorts out....

Sorry for the rant (as usual....). See yall in a month or two!:cool:
I am flying my V2 on a J350 and maybe my sandhawk if I can get like an I motor for it or something.

I have an F21 if anyone wants to trade I might not use it, also, I will stop buy the local hobby shop and post their inventory before the launch in case they have anything anyone may want
I'm looking forward to testing some modifications to the Farscape and Shrike in preparation for getting them into our lineup!

Can't wait to fly this weekend at NARCON, but I am concerned about the weather...
You mad boy! J350? Ill get the hip waders...;) Good luck.... Ill try'n get a pic for you, it might be the last you ever get LOL! Cross your fingers, everyone!:eek: :cool:
I would rather it went in the swamp then the trees. I will probably get it back, it weighs like 10lbs and has dual deployment, after apogee it falls like a brick, the Nosecone is sooo heavy. Once the chute comes out it still falls pretty fast
Huh. Whats so bad about the weeds? My dad can find pretty much any rocket that lands in that stuff (he just sets a piece of something pointing to the direction it landed, then starts walking. If he cant find it, he goes back to the thing that shows the direction, and tries again. He finds it almost every time). I would be more worried about water damage... How high is it supposed to go? It will be a great flight, but I wouldent count on getting it back... But thats just me. I have never had good luck with big rockets at CMASS. But, I have seen Js and even a K land within the field. Go figure.:rolleyes:
have you ever launched a big rocket at CMASS?

it will probably go like 2000 feet

btw I meant trees not weeds, either way, my dad will get it back unless the powerlines eat it

getting a rocket back is all about where you aim the rod. the reason your V2 was almost lost was because you flew it straight up. Mine landed in the same place and probably went one and a half, or twice as high but thats because I shot it into the wind.
LOL... I gotta start paying better attention to details...;) :p

Yeah, my dad and I couldent get the pad to angle properly, that was the problem....:rolleyes: I still dont like launching big rockets there... No, I havent launched a J350 there. But I have seen rockets lost there.... I have managed to lose rockets on the other side of the swamp on As.... Well, it was a boost-glider, but still.:rolleyes: Its not worth the risk when you have a bigger (600+ acres) launch field with better capability for HPR.:cool: :rolleyes: I like the number of members of CMASS, but Pine Tree has the better field, and pad.:cool:
I plan to put my Magnum up on a J350 and two H128's. I also may fly one of my Kosdon I130's if can find a nozzle for it. Not sure what I am going to put that it... maybe my I-ROC. Only if the weather is good though...
I just got the dates for the CHerryfield launches..... 10 days from now, if all goes well:) . I have had a mega-big power craving......:eek: :cool: :rolleyes: I cant wait.... I can fly some Hs and Is, and my Raptor to mach one, and my MB1 halfway to mach (or more), and....and....and.... G64s.... OK. Enough babbling. im drooling.

MORE J350s.... My camera is gonna be workin OVERTIME! I better get a better picture card.... Maybe my dad can bring his laptop. THen I could take unlimited photos. Ill need more batteries, too.:rolleyes: ;) I havent got too much to fly at CMASS, so I will just be Mr. photographer this time.

My LMR and HPR fleet is saying "CHERRYFIELD, HERE I COME!" with gusto....:cool: :D ;)
lets race V2s. mine on Dougs pad and yours on the little pad. Put an H128 in yours.
Originally posted by n3tjm
I also may fly one of my Kosdon I130's if can find a nozzle for it. Not sure what I am going to put that it...

Doug -- the I130 is an ANIMAL for 4" and lighter 5" rockets. I stuck one in my stock LOC Expediter, it got about 3500 on a nice 4 sec burn, and I stuck one in my LOC Vulcanite... about 7500 feet :D It's one of my favorite motors, I happen to have three of them currently :) Good luck on the launch! I can't wait to get out and burn some AP myself... AP or AP exams... hmmm... I'm not sure which yet! :kill:
I am thinking about putting one in my I-ROC. I am not sure if that rocket is light enought though... what do you think daveyfire?
Sorry Doug -- it was production week for our musical the past two weeks and as such I haven't had time to do much of *anything* rocket related...:rolleyes:

Peak thrust on the I130 is about 200N off the pad... that gives you capability to fly a 10 lb rocket VERY slowly ;) 10 lbs WOULD be 4:1 off the pad, but I'd still avoid it if it was windy. My I-ROC weighs in about 7 lbs depending on what chute I put in it... sounds like it may work!

Oh, another thing...

I'll be there :D

If you still need a nozzle, let me know. I can pack it in my suitcase. We will *happen* to be in Boston that weekend looking at colleges (it's at the end of my spring break), so I convinced the family to let me go to CMASS on the 17th. I'm looking forwards to meeting a lot of you guys, considering it seems about 80% of the people from TRF fly there! :D

Well, Maybe not 80%. But there are quite a few TRF'ers that will be there :).

Bob Krech
Joel Rogers
Jim Flis
and of course me :)

and I am sure that I am missing a few people :)

I am planning to go to AMW to buy a 390 nozzle today :), but thanks for the offer.

If the launch is cancled (hopefully not :eek:), give me a call. Maybe we could meet anyway ;).
good news Daveyfire, good thing someone corrolated those dates!!!.....Maybe I can meet you in boston or something, since I am right nearby, I can always take the T in.....maybe we can meet in Harvard Square or something and head up to the launch