First 2004 CMASS LAUNCH!!!

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I am slowly but surely getting ready for the launch ;). Today I bought some film (Kodak High Definition 400), fresh 9vt batteries for electronics, a 390 Nozzle, and two more J500 loads. I found my NiChrome to make igniters, so soon I will be making some special igniters for D9's and D13's. I sill need to buy more BP motors... I hope Micheals will have another 40% off sale soon :)
I'll be there. My bigger birds need at least a G35 to move off the pads, which of course I don't have! Might bring it the heaviest one anyway and see if I can get a motor on site. Other than that, I'm going to have fun flying F21 Econojets and E9s for the first time.

I have some G64's, and I may be able to spare a H if you qualify and want to get your Level 1 :). Are you at least 18, and a NAR member? :D
Off of 495 N, exit 54 (Amesbury Exit), make a right. Go straight through the first set of lights. You will then come upon a yellow set of blinking light (faded green crosswalks), turn left. This road merges into Lions Mouth Road. Left on Lions Mouth Road. You will know when you get to the farm. You will turn right between the barn and farmhouse (Just before the Lion Statue)... there may be cones, and pedestrians for sporting events... but you are allowed through there, so drive carefully. Ignore the sign and drive up the dirt road, take it slowly, and honk before going around a turn...
n3tjm, thanks for the offer. Not in NAR, and I don't think I want to become certified. Money will start flying out the window then. I'll bring some of the bigger birds anyway, perhaps it will inspire me to buck up and step up to the Level 1 plate!

Count me in too for CMASS. I've got a bunch of birds to fly. A couple of scratch Nike/Somethingorothers and hopefully the "Duck" will be ready by then. I want to try to get out sooner to avoid any embarssing first flight mishaps! "This is a Heads Up Flight!"!:eek:
Seems like a lot of TRFers are going to be at CMASS. Be sure to stop by and say hi and let me know your TRF handle. Great to put faces to names, and the like :)
4 days. yes!!!!!!

I dont know if I can come...might need to play lacrosse :eek: I hope to make it though
4 days.... I dont know if I can make it four days...:eek: ;) :( Well, I suppose I have waited this long, 4 more days wont hurt... I hope this rain doesent make the field too muddy.... How much rain is there down there, ryan?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Saturdays launch has been cancelled.

"Besides May flowers April showers bring launch cancellations. Pete called the
farmer to get the okay to use the field and he questioned his sanity for even
thinking about it. Evidently it's so muddy he can't even drive on it with his
equipment to fertilize it. It should dry out enough for the May 1 launch. If you
know someone who either doesn't get email or doesn't check it often please let
him know. Those of you who really want to fly this weekend can try the Frontier
launch. They've had some recent rule changes so you might want to ask first. "


NAR 77267
TRA 09848

What was the rule change for Frontier, somebody overthrow Arnold?
ARGH!!! :mad:

Well, Doug, we'll have to figure out how to get your Stingray to you (or you could pick it up at Whitakers).

As for those of you who wanted nose cones and such, I will be at the May launch, most likely.

bummer man!

I wanted to try out my new digital camcorder :(. Guess I get to try it at Whitakers. Jim, I can pick it up when I drop my stuff at your house... this gives me more time to finish rockets! :D

Daveyfire, would you be able to make it to the May 1st launch?
:mad: Well now, That Bites! There is an awfull lot of water just layin' around up here.

To everyone else in other parts of the world, just bear with us while we whine and feel sorry for ourselves, we should get over it by May first.
Oh aint we pitiful?:eek:
I thought it might be cancelled due to the feild conditions. I dont think Davey will be around Doug...LOL

hey Doug no burning my J350
Originally posted by jrogers

What was the rule change for Frontier, somebody overthrow Arnold?

LOL I wish....Joel you are the man I would love to get down there.
Any chance of moving the launch to Tewksbury on the same day? Or maybe sunday? I JUS' WANNA SELL CHUTES!!! BOOOHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
I'm so bummed! That was the only Amesbury launch I could make 'til October... :(

To those thinking about Frontier -- be sure to bring some serious mud boots. I've found that field to be far muddier than Amesbury -- in fact, my kids refuse to go to Frontier launches due to the mud.

Anyone want to do some flying in the Concord, Mass. area on Saturday? Email me if interested. I'd want to go out around 11-3.

-- Jim
yeah I dont mind the mud at frontier due to the size....the people are what I mind

I live in Marlboro. I dont know what I am doing though
I just got an Email from someone at Pinetree! If we get enough people interested in coming up to the launch up THERE this weekend, we will proabably be able to fly!!!:) :cool: Cmon people!!!! Its just a 4 hour drive from the CMASS field!!!! Its well worth it, belive me... Theres 600 acres of blueberry barrens, and we have an 8K waiver with windows to 18K (or something like that...:eek: )! its a great place... Come on... Just a few interested parties and the launch will proabably be go for this weekend!!! Puhh-llleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeee?????????????????????:eek: :D

I wanna fly bad enough to drive 3 or 4 or even 5 hours, dont any of you??:D ;) The pads can support A thru M power! Doesent that hold any appeal?:D ;) (dang, I gotta work on my salesmanship!!!!!!!) I have a mach buster ready to do mach 1.1!! (can anyone tell I am desperate for people to say "sure, ill come! Can you give me directions?")

OK. Please at least CONSIDER taking a drive up to Maine...:)
There is a slim possibility that we are still going to hold our launch on Sunday. It's about 90 min from the CMASS site, and we would welcome the participation. I'll keep you guys posted if you are interested.
What, my horrible salesmanship? ;) No, I will shut up as soon as we get some more people coming, or as soon as it looks toatally hopeless. ;) I dont think its worth it for me to bring all my chutes up to Cherryfield... Theres just not enough people. It might be worth it to bring the bigger ones, but there are not many people up there who need 15" chutes... ;) So no sales pitches there, either! Your lucky day! ;)
Oh, does CATO have a launch this weekend? thats a little far for me... I dont think I could get my dad to go. might be a good backup for Cherryfield, though! It would be fun to come, if I could!

Come to think of it, it might be shorter than Cherryfield.. I lied! Whoops! And here I am trying to talk all you guys into driving 4 hours to fly up north!:eek: