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Jan 18, 2009
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(Note: All of my introductory info on this product was lost when TRF went down, so please visit our website if you are interested in a tool that offers a new twist on a fin alignment/attachment, something just a little different than the old, and beloved, Estes Fin Jig.)

Originally introduced back before Christmas, Trident RocketWorks is now shipping the Fin Wizard product. If interested, please visit our website for the Introductory Pricing information. We have limited sets still available from our first production run, so we are not setting up a shopping cart at this point. You can contact us via the Contact Page on the website, or PM me here, for availability. We will start another production run soon.

Thanks to everyone that expressed interest and has waited patiently. The Product page shows a Cherokee-D I built using the production model: