Fattest rocket that flies on a G?

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Nov 19, 2004
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So what is the biggest, fattest rocket kit that will fly using a 29mm motor mount? Or a 38mm with 29mm adapter. I have the Loc Onyx. (Flew for the first time yesterday on an E9. That was a kick! Majestic, slow takeoff that blew my son and his friends mind. Really cool! Can't wait to send it up on a F or G.)

I want to keep it in the mid power range so G motors will be the most powerful it will fly with. Any suggestions?
i really wanna make a rocket that can take g impulse out of those huge tubs of pretzles (8-10 inches thick) and use a nosecone like that v2 model did

very cool
I built a rocket out of one of them too :) Looking for a pic....
Originally posted by hokkyokusei
It's got to be some sort of saucer, surely.

Good point. The USR El Lubbo is a surprisingly lightweight large diameter "traditional design" rocket (unique nose cone & tail cone aside), but saucers or Qubits like Art Applewhite's offerings would be the largest diameter (read: vertical surface area) rocket. All of Art's products stay under 500ft of max altitude even on long burning G motors.
LOC say that the Minnie Magg will fly on a G (G80-4), so if you discount saucers, tets etc. that would be 5.5" (Not that I would want to fly a MM on anything less than a H242T - and you'd have to build it a helluva lot lighter than mine) :eek:
that onyx really screams on a G80. i sent it up on one maybe a month ago. never found it. it drifted too far, but it was high winds. i estimate about 23-2500feet. the F50 really popped it off the pad too.
10.25 inches of pure patriotism :)

29mm motor mount and flys great on a G80.
That's not even the fattest of your saucers that flies on a G....your 12" saucer flies perfectly nicely on a G (with either an adapter or modified 'fins') :)
Here is the plans for the saucers I've been flying. The diameter is 10 times the motor tube diameter. I've made 10" (24 mm), 23" (54 mm), and 40" (98 mm).

All dimensions are based on motor tube OD.
Here's a view of the top side. This is the 23" version with a K160 installed.

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