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Aug 3, 2011
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Reed City, Michigan (Lower)
Has anyone built and flown the Estes Hyper Bat?
I've had this sitting around for quite some time.
I started to prime it and realized I forgot the launch lugs.
I pulled it on the bench tonight and I have work to do on the fins.
They have seamed to warp out of square with the BT as well.
Probably happened in storage crammed in a box with other rockets.
Cycled through several heat and cold climates while on the 2nd story of a non-heated house.

I did a search but didn't find anything on the Hyper Bat.
Just curious if someone has some pics of the completed kit or launch pics or videos.
I need to get some of this stuff done and painted this season to keep my mind off the future.
It's suppose to help with my condition, so the councilor told me today.
My daughter has built and flown a Hyper Bat. We did mistakenly switch the payload tube and the booster body tube, so it's a little "stretched" between the lower and upper stage fins.

The Hyper Bat's lower-stage fins have a section of short grain due to their strange shape, so it's very easy to break the lower stage fins upon landing. Other than that, it's a pretty typical Estes two-stager.

Looks like that booster stage is gliding in the pic, almost looks like a bird.

I remember seeing that Bat Man when you first got done with that. It's funny it didn't show up in the search?

I'm worked on my last night, did some glue touch up on the booster, sanding down the fillets I did on the launch lugs...god only knows when that was.
Pretty sure I can get the fins straightened out with a little pressure applied over night where needed. Maybe do a steam treatment first.
Going to shove empty engine casings in it so it doesn't distort the BT's.
I was going to do an all black paint job...I may have to think on that now.
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"batty" has been a staple of my rocket bucket for 2 years now. The tailcone is in sorry shape due to hard landings, but it's always been a good flyer.